When a patient has persistent respiratory problems or is unable to breathe on their own following anaesthesia, a breathing machine helps them breathe. Because the drugs used to produce anaesthesia can impair normal breathing, breathing devices are utilised during procedures that call for general anaesthesia. The device is necessary following surgery since the patient might not be able to breathe on his or her own right away. Depending on the issue, several breathing devices are employed.

Ventilators are mostly utilised in anaesthesia, as a part of an anaesthetic machine, emergency medicine, home care, critical care, and medicine. A mask or nasal cannula is used to receive pure oxygen from the oxygen concentrator. It might be used to oxygen treatment and hyperbaric chambers. Via a mask, a continuous positive airway pressure (C-PAP) breathing equipment pumps air into the nose, maintaining the airway open and assisting in oxygen absorption.

Nebulizers are often used to treat a variety of respiratory conditions, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To treat patients effectively, medications are directly breathed into the lungs. These devices provide liquid medicine through a mist that is breathed into the lungs to help patients who have asthma. The majority of these appliances are utilised in home care settings.

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Breathing Machines Market Dynamics

The global market for breathing machines is anticipated to develop as a result of an increase in surgeries and respiratory illnesses including asthma and COPD. Data from the National Institutes of Health from 2014 indicate that over 24 million Americans, including over 6 million children, suffer from asthma. Serious illnesses including pneumonia, TB, lung cancer, and other lung disorders can also cause breathing difficulties. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2030, one in five fatalities globally would be caused by the four primary potentially lethal respiratory illnesses COPD, pneumonia, lung cancer, and TB.

Millions of Americans struggle with respiratory issues including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Breathlessness is a deteriorating lung condition known as COPD that puts a person at risk for serious sickness and exacerbations. According to the Global Burden of Disease study from 2016, there are approximately 251 million cases of COPD globally. The same source estimates that 3.17 million deaths worldwide in 2015 were attributable to COPD, or 5% of all fatalities. Due to rising smoking prevalence and ageing populations in many nations throughout the world, COPD prevalence is anticipated to rise in the near future.

Breathing devices can have certain disadvantages, though, such as throat irritation, vocal cord damage, and difficulty sleeping. Lung injury, lung collapse, pneumonia, and infection are a few potential side effects of using a breathing machine. Additionally, using a breathing machine need ongoing medical attention. These elements are predicted to impede market expansion.

Breathing Machines Market Regional Insights

The market for breathing apparatuses is divided into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa based on region. In terms of revenue share, North America is anticipated to dominate the worldwide market for breathing machines due to the rising number of individuals undergoing treatment for respiratory illnesses. Almost 12 million Americans were believed to have COPD in 2016 according to COPD International, with another 12 million perhaps undiagnosed. It is the fourth most common cause of mortality in the United States, according to a data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Due to the region’s high prevalence of respiratory diseases and steadily rising surgical rates, the Asia Pacific breathing machines market is anticipated to grow at the fastest rate. For instance, over 90% of COPD fatalities, according to a 2017 WHO report, take place in low- and middle-income countries. The main contributor to COPD is smoking tobacco. Exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution, as well as occupational gases and dusts, are additional risk factors.

Market for Breathing Machines: Competitive Environment

BD, Drager Medical, Fisher & Paykel, GE Healthcare, Invacare, Maque, Medtronic, OMRON, Philips Healthcare, Teijin Pharma Resmed, and Weinmann are some of the major companies competing in the worldwide breathing machine market. Major players are concentrating on creating energy-efficient power systems and product characteristics including lightweight mobility, durable components, and patient-friendly design in order to improve breathing machines.

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Breathing Machines Market: Taxonomy

On the basis of product type, the global breathing machines market is segmented into:

  • PAP Devices
  • Nebulizers
  • Ventilators
  • Oxygen Concentrators

On the basis of end users, the global breathing machines market is segmented into:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Home care settings

On the basis of region, the global breathing machines market is segmented into:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Africa

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■ Examination of the regulatory and policy changes affecting the market and the implications of these changes for market participants.

■ Overview of the competitive landscape in the Breathing Machines market, including profiles of the key players, their market share, and strategies for growth.

■ Identification of the major challenges facing the market, such as supply chain disruptions, environmental concerns, and changing consumer preferences, and analysis of how these challenges will affect market growth.

■ Evaluation of the potential of new products and applications in the market, and analysis of the investment opportunities for market participants.

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Table of Contents with Major Points:

Executive Summary

  • Introduction
  • Key Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Definitions and Assumptions

Executive Summary

Market Overview

  • Definition of Breathing Machines Market
  • Market Dynamics
  • Drivers
  • Restraints
  • Opportunities
  • Trends and Developments

Key Insights

  • Key Emerging Trends
  • Key Developments Mergers and Acquisition
  • New Product Launches and Collaboration
  • Partnership and Joint Venture
  • Latest Technological Advancements
  • Insights on Regulatory Scenario
  • Porters Five Forces Analysis

Qualitative Insights Impact of COVID-19 on Global Breathing Machines Market

  • Supply Chain Challenges
  • Steps taken by Government/Companies to overcome this impact
  • Potential opportunities due to COVID-19 outbreak



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  • Abbreviations
  • Disclaimer

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