With BREATHING+ mouthpieces you achieve more hyghienic and easier use, better compliance, and better protection of BREATHING+ resulting in easier maintenance.

If you arrange your own shipping price for 10 pieces is 50USD, if you want free shipping the price is 75USD, you can buy here:

Greater hygiene

Better hygiene is achieved by now absolutely separating users faces, even if the user is disabled, sedated, or by other means less capable of diligent use, hence more prone to poor headset placement or greater saliva excretion.

Easier use and better compliance

By using mouthpieces, users find it easier to blow directly into the headset's measuring tube, resulting in fewer false negative events and easier overall use of the BREATHING+.

Better protection and easier maintenance

In clinical and other professional environments, BREATHING+ headsets are used by many people on the same day, resulting in the electronics in the headset getting moistened and reducing its sensitivity. In such cases, we advise to either dry the headset or, if possible, clean the headset with water and leave it to dry. This procedure takes time, so by using mouthpieces, we get better protection of electronics and reduce the time when a headset is not operational in a professional or clinical environment.