AirPhysio is an advanced product that is used for the expansion of the lungs and the clearance of mucus. The device is built in a way that it uses the natural process of Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP). This process helps in reaching the goal of AirPhysio, which is to clear out the mucus for a better breathing experience.

The purpose of the device is to help in the process of clearing the lungs of mucus. The device ensures the optimal clearing of the lungs and restores the capacity of the lungs for better breathing.

AirPhysio can be primarily used by people suffering from conditions like COPD, Bronchiectasis, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, etc. All these conditions are related to the respiratory system. People suffering from these conditions can obstruct the body from clearing the thick mucus. In a person who has asthma, the lung capacity is reduced to 5-25 ml/year, while in smokers, the capacity is reduced to 33 ml/year. This results in breathlessness even after light jogging or during and after exercise. AirPhysio aids in dealing with such conditions by clearing the mucus for an improved breathing.

How the AirPhysio Helps

AirPhysio was designed in Australia; the OPEP device is recommended by doctors and approved by pulmonologists. AirPhysio works without the need for drugs to expand airways and clear the thick mucus in the airway to help people breathe easier.

It is straightforward to use an AirPhysio and works by holding the device to the mouth. Then a person should breathe in and out of the device like they usually do. The only trick is to push or inhale air through the device. While breathing through AirPhysio, it creates positive pressure in the lungs and airway. The positive pressure is then responsible for dislodging the mucus, allowing you to expel it from within the lungs.

AirPhysio helps clear thick mucus and is beneficial for conditioning and strengthening the lungs. The devices work to clear the mucus and expand and strengthen the lungs, which helps in better breathing experiences. The device helps improve breathing conditions in multiple ways, such as the AirPhysio can be used with inhaled medications to improve the distribution of the medicine.

Further, AirPhysio does not require weeks of use to provide relief, with positive results felt after the device’s first use. Many people have claimed that they have experienced an improvement in their breathing after the single use of AirPhysio. Regular use of the OPEP device makes it possible to make the lungs healthier and stronger by reducing breathing difficulty.

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Features and Benefits

Using AirPhysio is full of advantages. The device provides excellent benefits that help a person live a better, breathing life. The benefits that AirPhysio provides are listed below:

Natural process: AirPhysio uses the natural process of building up positive pressure. When a person breathes in the device, it creates a positive pressure, dislodging the mucus from the airway. The device does not use any chemical or additional process to work effectively. The only things required for the process are the AirPhysio device and a person’s natural breathing. With these two, the results from the device are possible.

Instant effect: the results of using AirPhysio are felt instantly. An improvement can be noticed even after the first use of the device. A person does not have to wait for days or weeks for positive results; instead, they will enjoy healthy breathing with only single use of the device. However, frequent use of devices helps improve breathing conditions to a great extent.

Natural, effective, safe, and drug-free: people suffering from breathing conditions are either recommended to take some medicines or to undergo surgery. But AirPhysio helps in eliminating both processes. Using AirPhysio does not require the intake of any drug. The device helps improve breathing conditions in a drug-free environment and is safe because of the involvement of natural processes. Also, the results of AirPhysio are adequate as they are visible within a single use.

Easy-to-use and portable: the device is portable. The size of device is small enough to carry in a pocket. The device can be carried anywhere, like an office, home, or outdoor space. Also, AirPhysio is very easy to use. All a person has to do is to take it, put it from the pocket, breathe in the device for a few moments, and then keep it back. The device can be used anytime and in any condition without effort.

Medical grade material: AirPhysio is made using high-quality materials. Also, the materials are 100% medical grade. This means that it can be bought without any prescription. The medical-grade AirPhysio needs no doctor’s prescription.

Treats respiratory conditions: AirPhysio is used for treating respiratory infections. Many doctors recommend the device to patients suffering from many respiratory conditions. This is because AirPhysio helps with respiratory conditions and is very effective in not treating, then assisting in the treating process. AirPhysio helps treat many respiratory diseases like emphysema, asthma, COPD, atelectasis, chronic bronchitis, and bronchiectasis.

Along with these conditions, the device can help smokers or older adults, as both can face issues with breathing correctly. AirPhysio helps them in improving their breathing.

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How to Use the AirPhysio

To use the handheld OPEP device, take in as much air as possible, fill the lungs up, and hold for a few seconds. To begin, place and hold the mouthpiece end of the AirPhysio into the mouth and quickly exhale. It is reported that some people, while using the OPEP, will have difficulty exhaling quickly due to the congestion and phlegm in the airways, and some find it easy to raise the ball bearing somewhat off the cone and see it oscillating.

Use and turn the device, so the cap is facing upwards towards the ceiling and tilt it until maximum vibrations are felt within your chest; it’s also suggested to try to keep your cheeks stiff to help intensify the effects in the chest. After following the instructions above, users should feel phlegm and mucus rise to the back of the throat, which can be further expelled by coughing. Repeating the steps above two and up to five times consecutively is recommended for even better results. The company also cautions some people may experience feeling lightheaded after the treatments.

AirPhysio Specs

AirPhysio is a patented device. The device is verified to have a unique design than the other OPEP devices used today. Because of the unique design that AirPhysio has, the device consists of core parts, including:

  • Circular cone
  • Protective cover that is childproof
  • Steel ball
  • Mouthpiece

The protective cover is removed from AirPhysio when you are ready to use the device. Then the device is brought near the mouth, and the air is breathed in through the mouthpiece.

The device encounters the circular cone and steel ball as air enters the device. In this encounter, the device creates air resistance, creating positive pressure in the airways and lungs. This pressure removes the mucus from the airway and lungs, resulting in better breathing conditions without the need for surgery or the involvement of drugs.

Side effects and risk

As AirPhysio involves natural ways of clearing breathing passages, there are no side effects of using the device. The only thing that might occur is some may experience lightheadedness, but it is not something to be worried about. It happens because of the cleaning of the breathing passages and is normal.

Purchase the AirPhysio

AirPhysio can be purchased from the official website Get Consumers can purchase the OPEP device in select steel ball sizes for treatment according to age and the user’s tolerance to airway resistance. A small-sized steel ball offers less resistance and can be used by children, those with low lung capacity, and severe respiratory conditions. A larger steel ball is more appropriate for active, healthy adults with moderate respiratory conditions. Prices for the AirPhysio are as follows:

  • One AirPhysio $59.99 + Shipping Fee
  • Buy Two AirPhysios, Get One Free $119.98 + Free Shipping
  • Buy Three AirPhysios, Get Two Free $179.97 + Free Shipping

The AirPhysio makers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the quality of the device. Customers have one month to contact AirPhysio and to ship the product back for a full refund by sending an email or a phone call to:


All in all, AirPhysio is a device that helps in having a better experience breathing. It includes OPEP processes according to which the device creates a positive pressure when the air breathes into it, which as a result, helps in removing the mucus from the lungs and airway. The mucus is expelled through a natural process, expanding the capacity of the lungs, which aids in better breathing processes. AirPhysio treats respiratory conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc. There are many benefits of using AirPhysio. The device involves a natural process that helps avoid any drug intake. The results of using the device are evident from its first use. Also, AirPhysio is very effective and safe as it is made from medical-grade material and does not require a prescription.

Pulmonologists recommend AirPhysio as it helps clear phlegm and thick mucus from the lungs for easier breathing, and it’s portable and easy to use, which makes the device invaluable. When more than one unit is ordered, visit the official website to order an AirPhysio today.

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