Breathing is one of the normal body functions that many people believe to occur naturally. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For instance, people with chronic respiratory issues might find breathing challenging like normal people. It also becomes difficult to engage in normal tasks. The good news is that the Breather is the ultimate solution to breathing issues. Here is an outline of why the Breather is worth buying.

What Is the Breather?

The Breather is a non-surgical solution to breathing problems. It trains the muscles involved in the respiratory process to make it easy for people with breathing difficulties to breathe normally. When used daily, the device allows an individual to take full breaths without much challenge. In turn, the individual would find it easy to handle daily activities.

The Breather is a portable and easy-to-use device designed to improve an individual’s breathing capabilities within a short period. It’s ideal for people who tend to gasp for breath or experience a wheezing sound while breathing. Since its availability on the market, the device has helped millions regain their standard breathing capabilities. It comes in different sizes, suitable for every age.

Based on scientific research, the Breather is a device that causes improvements in expiratory and inspiratory pressure and blood pressure. It also improves hyperinflation, heart rate, and forced expiratory volume. Consistency and time are essential in determining how soon you get results.

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How Does the Breather Work?

The Breather uses the Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) process to teach an individual how to take fuller breaths without facing many challenges. It aims at training the respiratory muscles through pressure exertion. The daily usage of this device causes a huge difference in an individual’s ability to breathe.

It works similarly to weightlifting. Notably, when lifting weights in the gym, an individual targets certain muscles to make them stronger than they used to be. A similar concept applies to the Breather as it causes breathing resistance to the respiratory muscles, thus strengthening them. As the muscles get stronger, the individual will find breathing easy like normal people.

Regardless of an individual’s health condition, the Breather offers reliable results after a few weeks of suing. Customers with chronic respiratory conditions or breathing difficulties due to age have benefited greatly from this device. For instance, some report enhanced physical performance, fuller breaths, and reduced stress.

The Breather Features and Benefits

The Breather has several features which facilitate how it functions. The following outline of its features and benefits indicates its reliability in the Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) process.

Adjustable dials: The Breather has intensity control and adjustable dials, thus allowing the user to choose the amount of air flowing into their mouth. It also allows the person to adjust the resistance levels. The setting is crucial because it prevents people from exerting more pressure than the lungs can take.

The individual should start at a low level and increase the intensity as they get used to the process. It allows one to six resistance levels for inhalation and one to five for exhalation. It is important to monitor its impact on your breathing capabilities to ensure you adjust the right settings.

Different sizes: The best feature about the Breather is that it comes in different sizes, making it ideal for use by children and adults. An individual should be able to blow air into the device using their mouth.

Detachable: If necessary, you can detach the mouthpiece from the base. The feature allows you to clean the device without causing any damage to the other parts. The adapter and original mouthpiece don’t require expertise to remove, making them easy to use.

Design: The device has a built-in grip which offers a secure and comfortable hold. The ergonomic design makes it ideal for use while engaging in house chores or other activities. For instance, it’s an ideal tool for training your breathing capacities while running.

Its design also makes it portable and easy to use by people from all age groups. The Breather can fit into your pocket or bag; therefore, you can carry it everywhere you go. It doesn’t require charging and will serve you for as long as you need. It only needs power from your mouth.

Coaching App: Once you have bought a Breather, you will get access to a smartphone app that trains you on how to use the device. The training ensures you get the most benefits. As you progress in the process, the app will offer customized help depending on your breathing needs.

Here are the top benefits that an individual gets from using the Breather.

  • It strengthens the respiratory muscles, thus allowing you to take full breaths without much struggle.
  • It improves an individual’s respiratory health regardless of their health conditions.
  • Within the first two weeks, the user would notice a huge improvement in their breathing.
  • It allows an individual to choose the ideal breathing resistance for their lungs.
  • The Breather offers a natural way of clearing the lungs.

Where to Buy the Breather?

The best place to buy the Breather is the official website which offers three packages. Every package has a Breather device, training videos, two mouthpieces, and the Coach app.

How Much Does the Breather Cost?

The Breather cost from the site varies, depending on the number you wish to buy. One Breather would cost US$51.6. You could also get different offers, enabling you to buy them at a lower price. For instance, the “buy two get one free” offer costs US$123.84. If you buy five Breathers at a go, you will pay US$185.77.

The Breather Side Effects and Risk

Many people focus on its benefits and risks when deciding whether to buy a device. After knowing about its features and benefits, you are likely wondering whether it has any risks or side effects. The good news is that when you follow the instructions in the manual, you will eliminate any possible risks. For instance, you would understand how to set the right resistance level to avoid putting too much pressure on your lungs.

Using the device when you feel light-headed or ill is not advisable. If used in such a scenario, it could pose a danger, such as fainting. People with existing medical conditions should consult with a medical practitioner to ensure using the device puts them at no risk.

During the first weeks of training, it’s common to experience lightheadedness or coughing. The body is getting used to the sudden oxygen and carbon dioxide changes, so you will feel light-headed. When working against resistance in your lungs, you are likely to cough; therefore, these side effects should not worry you. They should clear within the second week of using the device. Using the device while sitting in an upright position is also recommended to prevent respiratory muscle impairment. The position ensures you get maximum benefits from the training process within a short period.

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Conclusion and Refund Policy

Are you looking for a solution to your breathing challenges? The Breather has proved to help people regain their ability to take clear and full breaths. You only need to use the device for a few weeks, and you will note the huge differences in your breathing abilities. It is easy to use by people from different age groups, hence the ideal solution to breathing difficulties. When you buy the Breather, the seller guarantees a 30-day refund policy in a situation whereby the device doesn’t meet your needs. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about losing your money.

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