8 chronic illnesses becoming common in post Covid-19

Chronic diseases are those that last for one year or more 

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Here's some chronic diseases becoming common after Covid-19

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After Covid-19 pandemic, issues like anxiety, depression, stress have worsened 

Psychological conditions

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Covid-19 raises the risk of several cancers as it targets multiple proteins 


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The persistent cough and shortness of breath due to Covid-19 impact our lungs

Respiratory illnesses

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Number of patients with high blood pressure has increased post Covid


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Covid-19 pandemic has increased the risk of heart attack, stroke etc. 

Heart diseases

Experts opine that Covid treatment raise blood glucose levels of the body and may cause diabetes


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With Covid-19 disease, inhaled oxygen takes more time to enter blood streams 


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After Covid-19, the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can get more severe


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