Influenza Virus: The challenge of a new epidemic has arisen in front of Japan, which has barely come out of the grip of the Corona epidemic. In fact, now the number of influenza patients is increasing rapidly in Japan. People in all 47 states of Japan have come under the grip of flu. At the same time, the number of patients in every medical institute has crossed the prescribed percentage for declaring an epidemic. In such a situation, the Japanese government is preparing to declare influenza as an epidemic. Let us tell you that every year there are many cases of influenza in India.

According to the report of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Okinawa has the highest number of patients at 41.23 percent. After Okanawa, Fukui has 25.38 percent patients. There are 24.34 percent patients in Osaka and 21.70 percent in Fukuoka. These figures are for the week ending January 27. The number of patients is increasing continuously. Doctors have warned that flu infection can spread very fast in Japan. Amidst these frightening figures and reports, let us know what are the symptoms of this infection? How can this be avoided? If it happens then what is its treatment? Is there any vaccine for it as well, which can be made worry-free?

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What is influenza and how does it spread?
Influenza is an infection associated with the respiratory system. In the beginning of this infection, the patient has mild fever with cough, cold. Its virus infects the person by reaching the body through the nose, eyes and mouth. On the other hand, if a healthy person comes in contact with the cough or sneeze of an infected person, then he can also get infected.

What are the symptoms of influenza infection?
After coming under the grip of influenza virus, the infected person first starts feeling tired without working hard. Some patients also feel dizzy after weakness. High fever comes with cold. Apart from this, due to phlegm in the throat, there is difficulty in swallowing anything. Then the infected starts having difficulty in breathing and cough and sneezes also start coming. If there is muscle and headache along with fever due to cold, then a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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How to protect against influenza virus?
Keep cleanliness around you for protection. Wear clean clothes and keep your hands clean. Wash hands thoroughly with soap before eating food. Do only the food that increases immunity. This virus causes a lack of water in the body of the infected. So, drink plenty of water. If possible, take liquid diet only. The maximum benefit is obtained from drinking celery water. If careless, this virus can also become the cause of many other diseases.

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According to doctors, cases of influenza occur every year in India as well. That’s why it would be better to get vaccinated soon.

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When to get influenza vaccine?
Influenza virus infection cases occur every year not only in Japan but all over the world including India. The situation in Japan is getting more frightening this time. Things could get more serious now. Vaccine has already been made to deal with this virus. Doctors say that if you have not got the influenza vaccine, get it done as soon as possible. Every year from July to September-October this virus spreads worldwide. This time there has been some change in its pattern. Therefore, it would be wise to get its vaccine. However, before this it would be better to consult a doctor.

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Influenza can prove fatal
Influenza or flu or common cold and cough is caused by flu virus. There are four types of these viruses. In these, H1N1 and influenza B virus can also take the form of epidemic. Seasonal flu or influenza is a simple problem, but for some people it can also be fatal. Usually its patients get cured within 4-5 days to two weeks. If the problem increases in the meantime, it can cause pneumonia. This can also lead to multi organ failure. This can lead to the death of the patient. Children and the elderly are most at risk of this.

Influenza Symptoms, Influenza Treatment, Influenza Vaccine, Influenza Cure, Influenza in Japan, Epidemic Warning, how influenza is spreading in Japan Influenza in Japan, Japan in the grip of influenza after Corona

The Japanese government is preparing to declare the influenza virus an epidemic.

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How can the influenza virus kill?
According to the website of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as the effect of pneumonia increases, along with the virus, the attack of bacteria also increases. When pneumonia becomes severe after the flu, inflammation starts increasing in the heart, brain and muscles. This causes myocarditis in the heart, encephalitis in the brain and myositis in the muscles. Due to their weight, multi-organ failure including kidney, respiratory system can occur. Due to this, the infected person can also die.

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