Dr Rachel Garrod is a Respiratory Physiotherapist now working from the Costa del Sol. After a career in both practice and academia in the UK she and her husband moved here so that he could play more Golf and Rachel rebuilt her professional career within the Spanish context.

Rachel is a highly published academic with over 100 peer reviewed papers to her name and she specialises in Cardio- Respiratory Physiotherapy mainly working with patients with lung disease such as COPD (emphysema) but also includes patients with asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other conditions.

Although we all know how to breathe, dysfunctional breathing is not at all uncommon and we often do not breathe in a way which optimises our breathing. Poor posture can also contribute to poor breathing habits with our lungs not being able to maximise their capacity.

Another common problem is Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome when people over breathe. Around 40-60% of the population can suffer from this. Although a man’s lungs have a capacity of up to about 6 litres, at rest we only need around half a litre going in and out.

This form of over breathing can result in a variety of symptoms including suspected heart attacks and shortness of breath. Rachel explains that even with COPD a level of exercise can be crucial to improving the feeling of wellbeing. People who suffer from COPD are often afraid to do anything which could demand heavier breathing, but with the right kind of professional support this can prove to be very beneficial for the patients.

Rachel now works with a number of GP’s and hospitals and also does a lot of work online. She also runs breathing workshops and she explains how better breathing can also help with anxiety. Rachel can be contacted on +34 699 501 190, or by email at [email protected]

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