HEALTH WATCH     A panic attack is a sudden, intense experience of fear coupled with an overwhelming feeling of danger, accompanied by physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a pounding heart, sweating, and rapid breathing. A person with panic disorder may have repeated panic attacks (at least several a month) and feel severe anxiety […]

Internet Video Archive Soulstice The balance of the Holy Kingdom of Keidas is compromised when powerful, feral creatures known as “Wraiths” invade from the other side of the Veil, threatening to consume the living. Wraiths corrupt their victims and can even possess their bodies, turning into unstoppable monsters that prey upon the common folk. The […]

Share on PinterestExperts say dogs can be a comfort to people who are feeling stressed. BONNINSTUDIO/Stocksy Researchers say dogs can detect changes in odors that let them know when people are feeling stressed. Experts say dogs can be trained to help reduce a person’s anxiety when they detect these scents. They add that people should […]

Huge leaks in the two largest gas pipelines linking Russia to Europe are spewing out vast quantities of natural gas – at an estimated rate of 500 metric tons per hour when first breached. As well as the potentially devastating implications for global energy supply, the leaks could also have an ‘unprecedented’ environmental impact, experts have […]

Today (Thursday ) is World Heart Day, and mental health charity Turn2Me is marking the day by highlighting the link between stress and heart conditions. The charity said that chronic stress can lead to a stroke or heart attack, and that people should try to reduce their levels of stress for a healthier lifestyle. “Stress […]

As any dog owner would likely anecdotally report, our pet pooches are seemingly able to sense when we are feeling tense and stressed. Now, a group of researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have figured out exactly how they are able to do this: they are able to ‘smell’ stress in our sweat and on our […]

Why is stress relief & getting a good night’s sleep so vital to staying healthy? In today’s fast-paced world stress and lack of sleep is more prevalent than ever. Sarnia,Canada – September 29, 2022 — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 35.2 percent of adults get fewer than 7 hours of […]

(MENAFN- The Conversation) Dogs have a long history alongside humans, giving them an amazing ability to read human cues. Dogs also possess an incredible sense of smell, which enables them to detect diseases, and , in humans from odour alone. Whether dogs’ capabilities extend to detecting odours associated with psychological states has been explored far […]

It’s long been widely believed that dogs can detect extreme emotions by smell. Now scientists at Queen’s University Belfast in the U.K. have proven that a dog’s nose knows. Acute stress changes the compounds found in human sweat and breath, research has shown. For the new experiment, four dogs were presented with sweat and breath […]

Share on PinterestA new study shows that stress-related physiological processes produce changes in breath, sweat, or both, which are detectable by dogs. Tim Trzoska/EyeEm/Getty Images In a new study, dogs detected samples of breath and sweat taken from an individual experiencing psychological stress with an accuracy of 93.75% The results indicate the physiological processes associated […]

Yoga is one of the most effective mechanisms for combating anxiety and stress. It offers a sense of calmness and physical benefits while boosting mental well-being. If you’re new to yoga, the practice can feel intimidating, though. You might feel overwhelmed by the number of asanas and their odd-sounding names. Although it’s normal to worry […]

Why Subscribe? Looking beyond the cutting edge of textile innovation allows you to stay well ahead of the competition. That’s exactly what you get through a subscription to T.EVO – which delivers a refreshing new take on the rapid evolution of today’s dynamic textile sector. Key T.EVO benefits: Exclusive quarterly printed magazine delivered to […]

While World Lung Day on 25 September has come and gone, lung health is still something which needs to be considered. Taking care of your lungs is now more important than ever. If the past few years have shown us anything, it’s how we take breathing for granted. Breathing is a function we need to […]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS is one of the most common lifestyle lifestyle disorder among women. PCOS or PCOD develops when the ovaries produce more testosterone than they should. Although the condition cannot be cured, but regular yoga practice can help manage its symptoms. It helps in balancing hormones, and alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, which […]

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of anxiety, especially ahead of important occasions. But those are usually one-offs, like a first date or a medical procedure. When that feeling of anxiety turns chronic and happens after specific triggers, it becomes a psychiatric disorder. The Lancet estimates that about 76.2 million people worldwide have […]