Nowadays, life can get very stressful. Whether it’s the demands of today’s fast-paced world, work pressures, or relationship issues, feeling overwhelmed and anxious is not uncommon. Thankfully, there are some activities we can turn to for relief and relaxation. From meditation and exercise to positive affirmations and acupuncture, here are eight ways to help you […]

Wondering how to manage stress? Chances are, you’re feeling overstretched. According to the Mind website (opens in new tab), mental stress is “our reaction to being placed under pressure – the feelings we get when we have demands placed on us that we find difficult to cope with.” For example, the times when you have […]

Latest Exercise & Fitness News By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY, March 28, 2023 It’s long been thought that working out helps a person stay sharp, but a new review argues there’s little solid scientific evidence for the mental benefits of physical exercise. Individual clinical trial results have tended to support the idea […]

Whether you are a yogi or not, you must have heard everyone boost about the health benefits of deep breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are known to help enhance immunity, free one from stress or anxiety, and aid in improving the overall quality of life. One of the most raved-about breathing techniques in yoga is Anulom […]

It might be surprising to know that the majority of people suffering from chronic anxiety and  stress have complaints of severe acid reflux and heartburn.Stress or anxiety once in a while does not pose much concern, but stress over some time can have deleterious effects on our bodies. Additionally, stress is directly correlated to acidity, […]

Basel, Switzerland Designed by Urban Würsch of Scanderra, the pneemo Atemtakter is a compact device that guides the user’s breathing to a rhythm optimized to promote rest and relaxation. For its sustainable and user-friendly design, pneemo Atemtakter has recently been awarded a 2022 Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design […]

Prue Leith revealed she has suffered from severe stage fight and panic attack symptoms. (Getty Images) Prue Leith has admitted she was “surprised” after experiencing severe stage fright as she prepared to undertake a nationwide tour for her first ever live show. The Great British Bake Off judge, 83, added that she “persuaded” her doctor […]

Making healthy lifestyle choices and drinking plenty of water are key players in combatting constipation, but did you know that staying active can help as well? Along with helping you stay fit, strong, and independent, engaging in physical activity keeps you regular. As a matter of fact, according to WebMD, one of the main culprits […]

For Pritika Swarup, international model and global ambassador of Operation Smile, her Ayurvedic beauty line, Prakti, is a synergy of Indian culture, traditions and a “touch of magic.” Holistic Wellness “Prakti is all about making Indian beauty accessible to everyone. Yes, it focuses on the physical aspect of beauty—hyperpigmentation, acne, brightening, plumping— but it’s also […]

Researchers found that inhaling through the nose, inhaling again even more deeply to fully fill the lungs, then slowly and fully exhaling through the mouth for 5 minutes daily can relieve anxiety and improve well-being. Increasing physical activity and decreasing the amount of time spent on social media are known to reduce anxiety. CCHR recommends […]

In Breathing for Energy, you’ll learn the secrets of how to use specific breathing practices to supercharge your mitochondria, optimize your brain function, balance your neurotransmitters, and so much more. After all, when we are breathing dysfunctionally (which so many of us do), it can amp up feelings of anxiety, wiring us in fight or […]

Anxiety and stress levels can be controlled. It is important to identify the factors that can cause and shoot anxiety. In this day and age, stress and anxiety are common among many. People deal with stress due to a lot of issues like work, family, health concerns, and financial obligations. Heightened stress levels for a […]

Women often talk about the struggles they face feeling pinched between family and work obligations. As a result, many have trouble getting enough quality sleep, managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These issues are very near and dear to the heart of Notre Dame’s Jessica Payne, professor of psychology and director of the […]

Some stressors in life only disappear with time. But for others, management practices can help. CONTRIBUTED. As my last article showed, acute and chronic stress isn’t just an inconvenience – it can create physiological and psychological warfare, with negative feedback loops affecting every aspect of our minds and bodies.   It would be ignorant and foolish […]

Certified yoga instructor and school counselor Lade Akande is giving students the resources they need to get through the school day. As the Director of Wellness at University High School in Carmel, Akande primarily focuses on school counseling, meeting one-on-one with students, surveying community members, faculty and students, and using that data to build a […]