While the holidays are over and a new year has begun, the prolonged pandemic and economic uncertainties have caused many people to struggle with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. “When you suffer from anxiety, your sympathetic nervous system is working overtime. Your ‘fight or flight’ response to threats is constantly activated which leads not only to mental health issues, but also physical symptoms such as sleep disturbances, low energy levels, headaches and high blood pressure,” stated Meg Callus, a nationally-renowned breathwork coach and thought leader on peak performance and optimal health. “While these issues can be debilitating, there is a path to living a healthy, vibrant, peaceful and productive life.”

Callus, an applied neurology specialist and founder of Boundless Breath NJ, a business dedicated to the practice and teaching of neurologically-based breathing techniques, is offering a 3-month ‘Breathe To Heal’ program beginning on Thursday, January 26. The 60 to 90-minute interactive sessions will be held virtually via Zoom every Thursday at 9-10:30 am or 4:30-6:00 pm EST.

“Breath is a powerful tool to improve health. Through breathwork, we can control things that were once considered involuntary responses, including our heart rate, oxygenation of our brain, digestive and immune system functionality, stress level and the overall way we feel,” Callus said. “Most people do not realize that changing the way we breathe can help improve a multitude of health issues and shift us from a state of anxiety and fatigue to a state of calm, ease and focus.”

The goal of the program is to foster a healthy, balanced and more resilient nervous system. Through guided sessions, attendees will learn: A variety of science-based breathing techniques to calm the nervous system; somatic body-based grounding exercises to alleviate stress; neurological tools to address threats to the nervous system; strategies to help immediately with triggers; and a daily anxiety-reducing routine that can dramatically improve mood and brain function in just a few minutes each day. The valuable take-a-way tools from the program will serve attendees for life and help to facilitate a sense of personal power, peace, and confidence.

The registration link is available at www.boundlessbreathnj.com/breathtoheal-1
For more information, email Meg Callus at [email protected]. The telephone number is (732) 708-3232.

People who should attend include but are not limited to parents, teachers, therapists, business owners,those experiencing anxiety and overwhelm, individuals who want to improve their coping strategies and personal power, and anyone who generally desires greater health.

About Meg Callus
Megan is all about the science and magic of breath. She is committed to bringing the highest level of knowledge, the most current science and actual experience to others so they can live better, whether that be in their physical or emotional bodies. Megan spent the last decade studying Applied Neuroanatomy and Breathwork and specializes in respiratory training (aka breathwork) to teach clients how to use their breath to reduce stress and heal their bodies. She focuses on the neurology, biochemistry, biomechanics and psychosocial elements of breathing,teaching and utilizing practices that have been scientifically studied and verified in terms of benefits to health. In her practice, She employs different breathing techniques as well as movements that activate specific brain areas to reduce symptoms associated with health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, Long Covid, respiratory dysfunction (such as asthma and sleep apnea), chronic fatigue and lack of endurance. She works virtually and in-person and currently is training guidance counselors and psychotherapists on how to use different breathing techniques with their clients.

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