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Al Roker Makes Returns To ‘Today Show’ After Being Hospitalized w/ Blood Clots & Internal Bleeding: He Is A Living, Breathing Miracle

Al Roker is back on the Today Show two months after his health scare exit!

The much-loved weatherman returned on Friday (Jan. 6), and his co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb gave him a heartfelt “welcome back.” His wife, Deborah Roberts, accompanied him as well — and revealed that her husband’s condition was considerably worse than he had initially indicated.

Al Roker and His Family

Al Roker & his family

Deborah Roberts said,

“It’s not lost on us that it’s a big thing for Al to even be here. He is a living, breathing miracle. Al was a very, very, very sick man. Most people didn’t know that. A team of doctors had to figure out what was happening, he was a medical mystery for a couple of weeks.”

Al Roker, 68, stopped appearing on the morning show back in November and later shared Instagram that his absence was caused by blood clots that started in his leg but moved to his lungs. He was initially released from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day in 2022, but was rushed back the very next day.

Al Roker spent several weeks in the hospital with blood clots and had to have “major surgery” to save his life after nearly passing away from internal hemorrhage.

In addition to his blood clots, which he was informed probably developed after he recovered from COVID-19 in September, Roker began experiencing internal bleeding through an unknown source. He said they performed emergency surgery, where they “re-sectioned his colon and took out his gallbladder,” adding that,

“I went in for one operation and got four free.”

Regardless of his health troubles, Roker was obviously filled with excited and he reunited with his “second family” on Friday. He said,

“I have missed you guys very much, you’re my second family,’ he said. ‘It’s great to be back… And wearing pants. It’s so much fun.”

During his long-awaited weather segment, the esteemed journalist also gave thanks to viewers for their thoughts and prayers. Looking directly into the camera, Roker said,

“Thank you all, especially you at home, for the thoughts and prayers for me and my family. It meant the world to us.”

theJasmineBRAND continues to send our love and well wishes to Al Roker!


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