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A dip in temperature and dense fog attack the lungs and kidneys of a person and cause problems in breathing.  At present, 70 percent of the people in the country are shivering due to the cold. With this, it has become very important to strengthen our body to fight problems like pneumonia and Asthma in winters. If you have strong immunity and lungs, you can fight back any infection and virals. According to Swami Ramdev, strengthening the lungs is very important as it helps fight many infections and diseases. Now, he has shared effective yoga asanas and pranayamas to keep asthma, Pneumonia, lung disorder, lung cancer, and other problems at bay.  

With the extreme cold, chronic lung diseases COPD and asthma have increased. The reason for this is simple-- cold wind shrinks the airways, swelling occurs in them and gradually it becomes difficult to breathe. Cold and cough for a long time turn into pneumonia. 

Panacea for allergies

- 100 grams almonds

- Make powder by mixing 20 grams of black pepper and 50 grams of sugar. Consume it with 1 spoon of milk.

Strengthen your lungs

-Drink Shwasari Kwath
-Boil licorice and drink
- Masala tea is also beneficial.
- Make a decoction by boiling 1 teaspoon Arjun bark, 2 grams cinnamon, and 5 basil. Drinking it daily will keep the heart healthy.

Yoga for healthy lungs

  1. Uttrasana - Your lungs remain strong with this yoga asana. In addition, the kidney, the liver will also become healthy. Do this yoga asana for half to one minute.
  2. Ardha-ustrasana- If you are not able to do ustrasana, then you can do ardha-ustrasan. With this, the entire body remains healthy.
  3. Gaumukhasana- This asana helps in keeping the lungs healthy. Along with this, gastric, cervical pain will get also be treated. The digestive system becomes strong and the posture of the body improves. It also removes fatigue, stress, anxiety.
  4. Vakrasana- By doing this asana, you will get relief from the troubles related to the lungs. It makes kidneys and liver healthy
  5. Makarasan - Controls blood pressure, reduces mental stress, helps lose weight. Along with this, it corrects digestion, helps to lose weight. It also strengthens the spine and helps overcome breathing problems
  6. Bhujangasana - Makes the lungs healthy and strong. Gets rid of lung-related problems. Along with this, it helps in reducing weight.
  7. Markatasana - This asana is good for the lungs. Also it helps to make the spine flexible. Eliminates joint pain from the root. Back pain is also relieved with this yoga asana
  8. Pawanmuktasana- Lungs remain strong and healthy in performing this asana. It controls blood pressure. Along with this, obesity, acidity, constipation is also relieved
  9. Uttan Padasana- The entire body remains healthy by performing this asana. Along with this, it helps in keeping the liver, lungs and kidneys healthy.
  10. Naukasana- By doing this asana, one gets relief from lung-related problems. Apart from this, it relieves skin problems, stress and abdominal fat.

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