‘That was certainly fraudulent, a misrepresentation, deception, and malpractice goaded by financial greed and a grave breach of our sworn Hippocratic Oath.’

THE Washington Post reported on May 31, 2022 the following shameful news: “A California doctor, Jennings Ryan Staley, MD, who prescribed hydroxychloroquine as part of a ‘COVID treatment kit’ that he guaranteed would cure the disease was sentenced last week to 30 days in prison and a year-long home confinement.”

Added info from the US Department of Justice: “This San Diego physician previously pled guilty to one count of importation contrary to law, admitting he attempted to smuggle hydroxychloroquine into the US by working with a Chinese supplier that would mislabel 26 pounds of hydroxychloroquine as ‘yam extract.’”

How he was caught: “After people alerted the FBI to promotional emails from Staley’s Skinny Beach Med Spa, an undercover agent posing as a customer asked about the treatment kit, and the agent was assured by Staley that hydroxychloroquine was a ‘magic bullet’ and ‘amazing cure.’ Dr. Staley added that COVID-19 ‘literally disappears in hours’ after taking the drug.”

That was certainly fraudulent, a misrepresentation, deception, and malpractice goaded by financial greed and a grave breach of our sworn Hippocratic Oath. Primum non-noncore (First, do no harm) is the principal precept of bioethics the medical profession is founded upon. Staley’s deviation from the standard of medical care (hydroxychloroquine is not effective and not approved for the treatment of COVID-19) and false claim about his “guaranteed cure,” which are unethical and criminal, endanger unsuspecting people, who might fall victims to his deceptive advertisement and forego the proper treatment for this deadly killer virus, putting their lives in jeopardy, just to enrich himself.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a common lung condition, especially among long-term cigarette smokers. The toxic smoke burns the lung tissues, causing ballooning of the air sacs (emphysema), rendering them inefficient in oxygen absorption and transfer (mixture) with blood, the reason why persons with COPD are short of breath most of the time. The blood is not oxygenated well enough for the body.

COPD could also be caused by other harmful agents, like toxic chemicals in the environment like in industrial chemical plants or laboratories, or from the normal hydrochloric acid, the natural gastric juice in our own stomach that aids in digestion.

In persons with gastroesophageal reflux, where the sphincter in the junction between the esophagus and the stomach is not competent (too loose), acidic gastric acid juices or acid fumes back up and are inhaled into the lungs, especially when lying down, resulting in the burning of the lung tissues. Propping the head on the bed helps the patient breathe a little better and also prevents gastric acid reflux by gravity.

COPD starts with bronchitis (the bronchus, or breathing pipe, becomes inflamed) and later emphysema (damaged, thinned-out air sacs of the lungs). There could be exacerbations or flare-ups now and then, where the patient could become seriously ill. Consultation with a pulmonologist, preferably at the earliest stage of bronchitis, offers great benefits and comfort to these individuals through the formulation of an action plan.

Putin’s cancer

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, whose unprovoked attack on Ukraine, killing countless soldiers, and civilians, including children, is an act labeled as genocide, has been reported by Newsweek in April as undergoing “treatment for an undisclosed type of advanced cancer.”

Dogs: COVID detector

Our most loyal pet, following specialty training, is able to sniff out COVID-19 infection, even before symptoms occur, “more accurately than rapid antigen testing.” For decades, trained dogs have been known to diagnose epileptic seizures shortly before they happen –  malaria, prostate cancer, hyperglycemia (when the blood sugar level of a diabetic person goes up dangerously high), etc. to name a few. More popularly, trained dogs can trace escaped convicts, dead bodies buried underground, and hidden illegal drugs. Dogs are indeed smart, patient, forgiving, and faithful beings, much better than some people on earth. If we were all like our pet dogs in attitude, behavior, and virtues, this world would be better than what it is, with no hatred, anger, or killings, and, instead, be filled with love, joy, and peace on earth.


Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, a Cardiac Surgeon Emeritus based in Northwest Indiana and Las Vegas, Nevada, is an international medical lecturer/author, Health Advocate, newspaper columnist, and Chairman of the Filipino United Network-USA, a 501(c)3 humanitarian foundation in the United States. Websites: FUN8888.comToday.SPSAtoday.com, and philipSchua.com Email: [email protected]

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