An upcoming drone developed by Draganfly, known as the Commander, will be used to monitor public health.

The Draganfly Commander is a quadcopter drone with software that allows it to assess whether individuals are maintaining social distance and detect whether they are wearing masks. It can recognize when an individual is sneezing or coughing, and temperature sensing abilities allow it to determine when someone has a fever. It can even determine people's heart and breathing rates.

The Commander is powered by two redundant smart batteries and can take advantage of replaceable payloads to complete various missions requiring high-resolution photography. It can be used for surveying, industrial inspection, 3D mapping, search and rescue, and more.

Draganfly announced on March 26th, 2022, that it would be deploying the drones at various COVID-19 hotspots around Australia to monitor for the disease, but is unsure how soon the drones will be in action.

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