There are more than one crore cases of asthma in the country every year. For the past several years, the number of respiratory patients in hospitals increases manifold after Diwali or at the time of stubble burning. Asthma is triggered by increased air-pollution. And just remember the covid period, In this, asthma patients were the first to be hit by corona. Bronchial asthma is the most common type of asthma, who is chronic, And life time it has to be managed with medicines.

Asthma, i.e. difficult breathing, choking breath, cough-coughing, chest pain worse. Such a disease in which it is difficult to breathe due to swelling, narrowing or excess mucus in the respiratory tract, it is not known whether the next breath will come or not. Do you know that there are more than one crore cases of asthma in our country every year. For the past several years, the number of respiratory patients in hospitals increases manifold after Diwali or at the time of stubble burning. Asthma is triggered by increased air-pollution. And just remember the Kovid period, in this asthma patient was the first to be hit by corona. The most common type of asthma is bronchial asthma, which is chronic, and needs to be managed with medications for a lifetime. There is another variant in which the patient is troubled by cough, in this coffee variant the cough is so persistent that it is difficult to sleep, although in this the rest of the symptoms of asthma are less bothersome.

what causes asthma,

According to a research published in the famous science magazine, Science News, if asthma is not genetic, then in most cases it is triggered by infection and allergy. Research has also revealed that people who have had a viral infection in childhood or people who live in a very hygienic atmosphere are also at risk of asthma. Many people are generally healthy but troubled by asthma as the season or place changes, have you ever wondered why this happens? So the answer is allergies. These allergies are not only caused by dust, pollin, pets, air pollution, food items, chemicals, without perfume, and even more cold or heat also triggers asthma. That’s why some people’s asthma flares up as soon as they go to the AC. Asthma is not necessarily always caused by allergies and infections. Pain killer drugs like aspirin can also trigger asthma. Research revealed that 9 percent of the total asthma patients had asthma attacks with medicines like aspirin. There have also been cases in which asthma. Triggered by a worsening of the natural sleep cycle.

what are the symptoms of asthma attack,

If due to asthma, heart rate increases with difficulty in breathing, feeling restless and suffocating, then understand that it is an asthma attack. Even if this attack subsides on its own without medication in a few minutes, do not take it lightly, consult a doctor immediately because such an attack can damage the lungs again.

Asthma Knowing Test

If you are showing symptoms of asthma, do not ignore them, see a doctor, they will ask for some tests apart from your physical examination. Such as chest x-ray, pulmonary function test, allergy test, nitric oxide test, sputum eosinophil, methacholine challenge and provoking test. Yes one more thing, it is not necessary that you have to do all these tests, sometimes only one or two tests works.

asthma treatment

Doctors do this according to the treatment region and condition of the patient. There are generally three methods of treatment, the first being quick relief treatment, in which the patient is given immediate relief with an inhaler and nebulizer, which gives him relief within minutes. Second, long-term asthma control medications, in which the patient has to take medicines daily so that the asthma remains under control and the risk of attack is reduced. The third is bronchial thermoplasty, in which, through electrodes, heat air waves are sent to the lungs, so that the muscles of the respiratory system are relaxed and the patient can breathe easily.

Breath exercises are an alternative treatment

This was the standard treatment of asthma, but breathing exercises along with medicines have a huge role in curing asthma. If the patient takes 15 to 30 minutes of deep breathing twice a day, then the lungs will be strong and the symptoms of asthma will gradually subside. If it is included in the daily routine, then it may be possible to get rid of asthma forever.

How to prevent asthma attack

At the time of asthma attack, it is necessary to control it with medical facilities, otherwise the life of the patient can also be lost, but can not always be in emergency mode, in such a situation, those measures have to be adopted which does not trigger asthma. For this, avoid dust, pollin, smells, smoke, pollution, chemicals, extreme environment i.e. very cold or heat. If you are allergic to any food like mushrooms, nuts, dairy products, gluten etc., then avoid it. Quit smoking forever. Smoking is the most deadly for the lungs, it not only triggers asthma but also increases the risk of cancer.

Strong immunity means protection against allergies and infections i.e. less risk of asthma. Although you can also take anti-allergy shots to avoid allergies, but the easiest way is to have a healthy diet i.e. food rich in nutrients.

Obesity is also the enemy of lungs, so reduce weight, but with regular exercise. Occasional exercise increases the risk of asthma, but regular exercise strengthens the lungs, which reduces the risk of asthma. Daily 30 minutes of deep breathing, along with exercise, works as a booster dose.

Stress also triggers asthma, so avoid stressful situations. Yoga, meditation and pranayama help in reducing stress. Asthma patients should always keep preventive medicines with them. Be strict on the treatment plan that the doctor has made and do not change or stop the medicines at will.

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