Brogan Lumley, Advanced Specialist Physiotherapist at NCIC, said: "People who suffer from lung conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis or Chronic Asthma can often fall into a cycle of inactivity due to symptoms caused by their lung disease.

"The main symptom of lung disease is shortness of breath on exertion. This can be an unpleasant - and sometimes a frightening experience - which can lead to patients avoiding activities, doing less and as a result becoming deconditioned."

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) is the only treatment that will help to reduce breathlessness, increase exercise tolerance and improve quality of life for those with a lung condition.”

Our respiratory teams deliver pulmonary rehabilitation for patients across north Cumbria. You can self-refer or you can be referred by your GP or respiratory nurse.

Michelle Grant, Assistant Practitioner with the East Community Respiratory Team in Carlisle, said: "There are Pulmonary Rehabilitation groups at the Cumberland Infirmary, Harraby Community Centre. We also run a cohort group for Penrith and Eden at the Evergreen Hall. Groups are also held in West Cumbria.

"We are also encouraging our patients and others with long-standing respiratory conditions to look at our North Cumbria Respiratory Page on Facebook. We share useful tips and the success stories of our patients."

Patient Simon has just completed a seven-week course of Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Harraby Community Centre in Carlisle.

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All his hard work paid off and staff say he has made massive improvements on his walking tests and quality of life outcome measures.

He said: "The Pulmonary Rehab programme is run to a high standard. The rehab team do a brilliant job. Perfect service was provided by all. I found all aspects of the course very enjoyable. The exercises were explained the way you can understand. I found muscles I did not know I had!"

Simon is now enjoying what he does best -  playing golf!

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week is a national campaign which raises the awareness of the current service provision and the benefits of PR for patients with chronic lung disease. PR is a highly cost effective intervention which is currently underused significantly.

The Trust’s respiratory teams are promoting the week in different ways. There will be an information display board in the atrium at the Cumberland Infirmary and they will be doing activity on some of the wards with patients. We have also been distributing posters to primary care sites and public areas and gyms.

If you are struggling with respiratory conditions you can self-refer to one of the teams or speak to your GP or practice respiratory nurse, who will be able to let you know if you need any further investigations before being referred.

Useful contacts

East Community Respiratory Team - 01228 602036

West Community Respiratory Team – 01900 705041

Respiratory Physio CIC (Carlisle & Eden) – 01228 814741

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