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Some pay little attention to their breath, even when it is breathing becomes increasingly difficult. It is precisely then that you should be prudent. Especially people who smoke or have smoked for a long time. Because then the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is particularly high COPDso that Pharmacy magazine “Seniors Guide”.

Quickly out of breath, with coughing and expectoration

In the case of lung disease, they are respiratory tract inflamed and permanently narrowed. In addition, over time, the lungs can become overinflated, a so-called pulmonary emphysema. The air sacs in the lungs are enlarged, which means that less oxygen gets into the body. Patients with COPD often feel very exhausted, are quickly out of breath and find it exhausting to breathe. Coughing and phlegm are also among the most common warning signs.

Anyone who has these problems should always have them checked out by a doctor. Especially since other diseases such as cardiac insufficiency can be behind. A simple lung function test is usually sufficient for the diagnosis. The examination can often be carried out by the general practitioner. You transfer to one if needed pulmonologist. In COPD, shortness of breath occurs initially on exertion. If the disease is already advanced, breathing becomes difficult even during rest periods.

The key is to stop smoking

Quitting smoking is crucial for people with COPD. tobacco smoke worsens the symptoms and ensures that the disease progresses faster. However, most people find it very difficult to quit smoking. Especially if you have smoked for decades, it is often very difficult to get rid of cigarettes. So-called Smoke Free Programs, which are often covered by health insurance companies. Nicotine replacement products such as patches or chewing gum can also help.

Another tip: lung exercise helps people with COPD to improve strength and endurance. You also learn how to breathe when climbing stairs, for example. You can find more information at: www.a-u.de/-823481

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