The number of air pollutants has dramatically increased today. The air you breathe at home may have allergens, mold, toxins, pet dander, and other contaminants.

Investing in a good air purifier ensures you inhale clean air. There are multiple air purifying devices that you can purchase.

Most air purifiers in the market use innovative technology to freshen and clean the air in your living spaces. These air-purifying devices are easy to operate, energy-friendly, and effective.

Every air-purifying device promises to provide users with clean and healthy air. Still, not every air cleaner works. We have tested some of the best air purifiers available today. After numerous hours of research, below is our ranking.

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The Top Air Purifying Devices in 2022

  • Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner
  • Purifair
  • Blaux in Home
  • DivinAir Dehumidifier
  • Proton Pure
  • IonPure
  • Ioner Air Purifier
  • Air Protect Pro
  • Air Cleaner Pro
  • Air Cleaner
  • CleanAir S
  • Air Purifier X
  • Safe Air X
  • PureAir Max
  • AirJoi
  • AirPhysio
  • The Breather
  • Hale Breathing
  • LifeVac
  • FEND Nasal Mist

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner


The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is a no-nonsense device using negative ionization technology to remove up to 99.98% of air pollutants and other toxins that may affect your health. It also features an activated charcoal air filter to clear foul odors and smoke pollutants. The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is energy-efficient and 100% portable.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner works by releasing negative electrical charges in the air, causing the airborne contaminants to disintegrate and fall. The ionic air purifier is ideal for home and office use. The manufacturer recommends placing it near you to clean the air effectively. Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner has low noise levels (18db), meaning you can use them in your bedroom, working spaces, and places of relaxation.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is cost-effective and can run throughout without exaggerating the power bills. Additionally, it features a great night light, adding ambience to your spaces. The air purifier has a 4-sided grid system enabling it to clean air at 360 degrees. The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is uncomplicated to install and maintain. The maker recommends scrubbing it regularly to remove dust and replacing the air filter every three months.



Purifair is an air cleaner using negative ions to cleanse the air. It has a compact design and is 100% portable, allowing you to carry it everywhere you desire. Purifair starts working by pressing a button. It has zero filters and is hence user-friendly.

Purifair uses negative ions to attract airborne contaminants such as allergens, microorganisms, and other particles that may influence health negatively. Turning Purifair on can eliminate up to 99% of pollutants, thus providing clean air. The device comes with a USB cable compatible with most devices and power ports.

Purifair can effectively cleanse the air in spaces of up to 200 square feet. If you have a larger area, the manufacturer recommends investing in multiple units. The air cleaner produces about 27 decibels of noise, meaning it will not interfere with your work or sleep.

Purifair is the ideal choice for customers looking for an affordable and effective air-purifying device perfect for small spaces. The device can remove clear allergens, dust, and mold, providing you with clean air. Each Purifair unit comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Blaux in Home


Blaux in Home is an ionizer cum air filter with the sole purpose of purifying your air. The device uses ionization technology to attract and drag down air contaminants. The static charges lure airborne pollutants and allergens into the air filter hence cleaning the air.

Blaux in Home has a charcoal filter for in-depth cleaning action. The maker states it tends and scrubs the air for all-time freshness. The 3-fan speed control ensures you get maximum freshness from the device. Blaux in Home is user-friendly and easy to maintain. Just plug it into a wall outlet and choose the fan speed to get instant freshness.

Blaux in Home device is ideal for homes, RVs, basements, and offices. It is child and pet-friendly and unlikely to cause accidents. The air filter also features a charcoal filter to freshen and deodorize your air. Blaux in Home also has a night light at the base, adding aura to your living and bedroom spaces. We also loved the air cleaner because it has a hassle-free 30-days money-back guarantee on all units.

DivinAir Dehumidifier


Unlike other air purifiers that use ionization technology to purify the air, DivinAir Dehumidifier works by removing excess moisture from the air. The maker advertises it can eliminate mildew and odors in your living spaces, leaving them fresh and dry.

According to the official website, the air purifier is portable and ideal for any living space. It supposedly draws moisture from the atmosphere, making your home comfortable and dry. The small DivinAir Dehumidifier is suitable for folks living in wet and humid areas. It is energy-efficient and can eliminate mildew odors and reduce the risk of mold growth.

DivinAir Dehumidifier has silica beads and a PTC heating cum drying technology to eliminate airborne impurities and odors. The PTC heater can safely heat small spaces without increasing the power bills. DivinAir has a transparent window that enables you to monitor the saturation levels of the silica beads. When the dry orange silica beads turn green, you have to turn the heater on to remove moisture. DivinAir is cordless, and after charging, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. You can leave the device inside the closet to remove mildew odors from your garments.

Proton Pure


Proton Pure supposedly features True HEPA and carbon filters to remove up to 99.9 percent of airborne pollutants. The purifier can clean the air in rooms of up to 350 square feet, improving airflow and reducing the risk of allergens and developing respiratory issues.

Proton Pure utilizes True HEPA filtration to capture mold, dust, bacteria, pollen, and other airborne particles of 0.3-micron size. It uses a triple filtration technology to remove contaminants, making it easy for users to breathe clean air. The three filters include a mechanical filter that attracts large particles and a True High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to remove micro-particles, including dust, pollen, and dander. The third filter is carbon, which traps odor and smoke, delivering clean and fresh air.

Proton Pure is a noiseless device and hence perfect for any place in the house. It has a touchscreen feature, making control easy. Furthermore, it effectively alerts users when to change the HEPA filter for maximum air scrubbing.

Proton Pure has different fan speeds, thus allowing users to customize the filtration process. Also, after activation, the users can set it to turn off after running for some time. Proton Pure produces less than 30db of noise hence unlikely to interfere with your concentration or sleep.



IonPure is an environment-friendly air-purifying device that is energy-efficient and cost-effective. It can supposedly clear bacteria, mold, allergens, and putrid odors that may cause health issues. IonPure is easy to install and operate. The maker claims that it can help you sleep and work in a sound-free setting.

IonPure is not a complicated device. It releases negative ions to remove harmful air pollutants and odor hence a safe option for individuals looking for a chemical-free air purifier. Also, IonPure is entirely fuss-free because it requires minimal maintenance. The IonPure user needs to plug the device into the wall socket and start running. Similarly, you do not need to replace the IonPure filters making it a lifetime investment.

IonPure is an eco-friendly air purifier with a noise-free system. You can use it in any living space and households with pets and children. The maker claims that the device is easy to use, and anyone that can put a phone on a charger can operate it. The entire IonPure system is compact, and it comes fully assembled from the maker.

Ioner Air Purifier


Ioner Air Purifier is a wearable air cleanser that you can carry everywhere. The product is designed to be worn on the neck and uses ionization technology to purify every breath that you inhale. Ioner Air Purifier is cordless and does not need users to plug it in or put it on top of the desk.

Ioner Air Purifier promises to eradicate harmful odors, bacteria, allergens, and viruses from the air. The manufacturer claims that wearing the air-purifying product minimizes the risk of developing airborne conditions that come with inhaling impurities.

Ioner Air Purifier is ideal for people with allergies and those with a weak respiratory system. It can make the air around users smell fresh and clean, making it comfortable.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly air purifier, the Ioner Air Purifier is your best choice. It is lightweight and uses rechargeable batteries. It is noiseless, perfect for people always on the go.

Air Protect Pro


Air Protect Pro is advertised as an air-purifying device capable of removing up to 99% of impurities. It can help you manage allergens resulting from smoke, dust, pet hairs, and pollen. Air Protect Pro has an LED display, easy to operate, and works almost noiselessly.

Like other top-rated air purifiers, Air Protect Pro features three HEPA filters to eradicate up to 99.7 percent of airborne contaminants. However, it features a unique air quality detector to alert users of the air quality status. The device has a sleek and compact design and can easily blend with your décor.

Air Protect Pro reflects the air quality in various ways and presents the results in real-time. Air Protect Pro is portable and silent when running. It can supposedly remove the odor from cigarettes and tobacco hence perfect for public use.

Air Protect Pro is your best choice if you are prone to airborne allergens. It utilizes a triple filtration technology to remove 99.7 percent of smoke, dust, microorganisms, and pet fur within a 60-square-foot area.

Air Cleaner Pro


Air Cleaner Pro is an innovative air-purifying device promising to remove toxins and harmful particulate matter from the air. Like other air purifiers, it uses negative ions to fight dust, mites, bacteria, and other allergens.

Air Cleaner Pro works by releasing ozone to disintegrate microorganisms and bacteria that emit a foul smell. The unit supposedly improves your respiratory system and can protect your entire household from airborne impurities.

Air Cleaner Pro features four control buttons making it easy to customize the purification process. The manufacturer states that it is user-friendly and has inbuilt features, consequently ideal for households with young children.

Air Cleaner Pro is lightweight and portable. The maker recommends using more than one unit for larger households to purify the air. Air Cleaner Pro can remove foul odor, mites, mildew smell, mold, and pollen from the air. A must-have purifying device is energy-efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly.

Air Cleaner


Air Cleaner is a good air purifier and humidifier. It promises to clean the air and add moisture to the dry air, thus fighting dryness that may cause flaky skin and cracked lips.

Air conditioners suck in moisture and hence may cause multiple health issues. You can develop scratchy throats, cracked lips, and flaky skin if you live in dry areas. Air Cleaner uses sophisticated technology to humidify and remove contaminants from your living spaces.

Air Cleaner is an easy-to-use humidifier plus air cleaner that is economical and effective.

Air Cleaner is available in multiple colors and can easily blend with your décor. It is 100% portable and easy to charge. It comes with a compatible USB port.

CleanAir S


CleanAir S serves as an ionizer, purifier, and disinfector. It is a portable air cleanser using True HEPA H13 plus carbon Nano filters to remove pollutants from the air. The manufacturer boldly states that it can remove toxins, allergens, bad smells, and other contaminants from your living space.

CleanAir S portable air purifier is user-friendly, featuring a one-touch operation. The three-in-one air purifiers consume minimal energy and are designed to produce minimal sounds. Anyone who can put a smartphone on the charger can effortlessly handle CleanAir S.

CleanAir S is designed to purify and cleanse small spaces, and multiple units are ideal for cleaning large areas. You can position the portable air cleaner in your car, home, bathroom, and office. The manufacturer recommends placing the air purifier in a central place and pressing the button to initiate the air purification process. Like other top-rated air cleansers, CleanAir S is available via the official website, and the maker offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on each unit you purchase.

Air Purifier X


Air Purifier X is a miniature fan promising to clean up to 99.9 percent of particulate matter in the air. The device has a silent engine and uses ozone technology to cleanse the air. You can use the Air Purifier X device at home or in your office.

Air Purifier X features a fan that distributes ozone particles, thus scrubbing the air. The ozone particulate latches on toxins, thus removing them from the air. Air Purifier X can only clean small living spaces and is not ideal for huge rooms.

Priced at $65, Air Purifier X can help you inhale quality air beneficial to your health. It is lightweight and easy to maintain. Additionally, it does not have separate filters that regularly need replacement, accordingly an ideal one-time investment. Air Purifier X has one button on the top to power it and a one-sided fan to distribute ozone in the room.

Safe Air X


It is best to invest in a quality air purifier to fight airborne diseases. Safe Air X is advertised as an effective air cleanser that makes public gatherings and social events safer. It comes with an air quality tracking system to ensure you inhale safe air. After plugging the device, it computes the percentage of contaminants, thus informing you whether it is safe to inhale that air.

Safe air X utilizes sophisticated technology to calculate the carbon IV oxide and Carbon I oxide levels. In addition, it tracks the humidity, temperature, and particulate matter in your living spaces.

Safe Air X can help you track air purifiers’ performance by calculating the air’s health. It is a must-have device that can keep your family and household safe from toxic air, excess humidity, and high temperatures.

Best Passive Air Deodorizers and Air Purifiers

Passive air cleaners and deodorizers are best for places with zero electricity or when you are off the grid. The best air cleaners use activated charcoal to purify the air. These passive air purifiers are easy to carry, and you can place them in the gym, laundry hamper, or other living spaces to suck in toxic elements and smells from the air. Thus, they are best for round-the-clock protection against harmful airborne contaminants. They do not need plugging and are hassle-free to operate.

PureAir Max


PureAir Max is marketed as a small canvas pouch comprising activated and porous bamboo charcoal. It is ideal for improving air quality by sucking in bad smells and harmful microbes. All the ingredients in PureAir Max are natural, and it requires zero use of energy.

PureAir Max is safe and perfect for offices, cars, gyms, and other spaces. The makers boldly state it sucks in foul odors and produces a relaxed air that enhances your focus. PureAir Max can effectively clear musty odors in rooms of 90 square feet.

Unlike similar products, PureAir Max promises to eliminate impurities instead of masking them. Additionally, the activated charcoal and bamboo charcoal suck in excess moisture, allowing you to inhale quality air. You can use PureAir Max in place with food items because it sucks in harmful bacteria and controls the fridge’s humidity.

PureAir Max is unscented and has zero chemicals. You can use the air purifier if you have allergies or small children. Also, you can use multiple bags to get quality results, and each PureAir Max bag can effectively cleanse your spaces for two years. After use, you can dispose of the contents in the garden soil to serve as fertilizer.



AirJoi air cleansing bags are a simple charcoal bag that absorbs harmful scents and removes pollutants from the air. The maker states it can absorb allergens and impurities in your indoor living spaces making the environment comfortable for living.

AirJoi is 100% natural and has zero chemicals. It has high-quality bamboo charcoal to refresh the air. You can use it in your car, laundry bag, gym bag, closet, and bedroom to remove musty smells and toxic elements. You can also use it in food storage to absorb harmful bacteria, mold, and moisture, thus reducing food spoilage. AirJoi can offer maximum protection for up to 24 months.

AirJoi has zero added fragrances and can save you from buying perfumes and sprays. You do not need any exceptional trial to use AirJoi bags. The manufacturer recommends placing it in a central place, and it starts working immediately. However, you may need to recharge it in the sunlight at least once a month. The UV rays from the sunlight kill the absorbed contaminants, thus making AirJoi fresh for use. AirJoi has zero side effects and can lower the risk of developing respiratory issues. You can use it to fight molds and remove mildew smells from your garments and living spaces.

Best Breathing Improvement Products

Living in toxic and contaminated areas can result in breathing issues. Some people have breathing issues like the inability to take in enough air or struggle to keep their energy levels. Some people invest in breathing devices to enable them to inhale quality air and strengthen the inhalation processes.

Quality breathing improvement devices can reduce inhalation problems and improve the respiratory system. The top-rated breath strengthening devices and products include:



Excess mucus in the air passageway can hinder proper breathing. AirPhysio is a hand-held and innovative product claiming to improve long-term and short-term inhalation while reducing the risk of developing multiple respiratory problems.

AirPhysio is a patented product that works by improving the user’s breathing process. Still, the manufacturer warns that it does not protect or prevent the users from getting airborne. Instead, it lessens the mucus in the air passageway, augmenting the inhalation processes.

By eliminating excess mucus, AirPhysio promotes better hygiene, improves breathing experiences, and boosts the lung air capacity, consequently accelerating recovery.

AirPhysio is a doctor-formulated device that should be used with other medicines to manage COPD, asthma, and other respiratory issues. It is 100% chemical-free and works by naturally expanding the lungs for better breathing. AirPhysio is 100% portable and does not require refills or medications.

The Breather


The Breather can supposedly help you breathe easily and enable you to inhale fuller breaths. It is a portable hand-held device that is easy to operate. It works by exerting force against your inhalation, thus strengthening the breathing with time. The Breather is supposedly doctor-formulated and has sold over 1.5 million units across the globe.

The maker supposes that the Breather utilizes respiratory muscle training to augment inhalation and exhalation processes. You have to use the hand-held device for extended periods to amplify the air passageway and improve breathing.

The Breather features six resistance levels for inhalation and five resistance levels for breathing out. After placing the device on your lips, adjust the difficulty control to your preferred levels and inhale and exhale using the device.

The Breather is ideal for managing COPD, bronchitis, atelectasis, asthma, and emphysema. It is non-electrical and thus perfect for anyone to use. It is portable and can fit in your pocket.

Hale Breathing


Hale Breathing is a small and discreet device that can open your airways, making the inhalation process easy. The maker advertises it as the “contact lens of noses” because it is unnoticeable when worn.

Hale Breathing is an award-winning device that can manage to snore, improve sleep quality, support better exercises, and augment your overall breathing. It works by widening the nasal passageway hence balancing airflow. The maker states that it offers results immediately after insertion.

Hale Breathing Kit comes in three sizes allowing you to find the perfect fit for optimal inhalation and exhalation. It is made from flexible material and has zero toxins. Also, it is super comfortable and easy to clean.



LifeVac is intended to save one from asphyxiating. Most people lose their lives to choking because of poor first aid response. LifeVac is supposedly a life-saving device that works by unblocking the airway. It uses suction force to dislodge anything obstructing the airway, improving breathing.

LifeVac is purported to have saved over 370 lives. It is a must-have device in schools, homes, and offices where there is a danger of suffocating. To use LifeVac, place it over the mouth and nose to create a seal and press the plunger down to remove anything blocking the airway.

LifeVac manufacturer recommends using the device immediately after you notice a choking emergency in adults and children.

FEND Nasal Mist


FEND Nasal Mist is a popular product backed by over two million sales. The spray comprises ingredients that filter the air, thus removing multiple allergens, pathogens, and carcinogens from entering your lungs.

FEND Nasal Mist is doctor-formulated and developed in Germany. The maker states that it is science-backed and can protect you from inhaling unhealthy air. A single spray on your face can supposedly remove up to 99.9 percent of impurities from entering your lungs.

A double spray of FEND Nasal Mist can offer you protection for up to 6 hours, particularly in outdoor settings or overcrowded areas. After spraying your face, the ingredients travel to your air passageway to filter the air, protecting you from various respiratory issues.

How We Ranked The Top Air Purifying Devices

Air purifiers are ideal for filtering out allergens, dust, and smoke particles. The appliances shield users from exposure to air contaminants and are easy to operate. Users can regulate the fan’s speed and make relevant adjustments based on their preferences. Some air purifiers are proven to provide users with medical-grade filtration, while others fail to filter the air as expected. It’s not easy to distinguish between ideal and imperfect air purifiers. However, our experts used the following aspects to rank air purifiers:

Level of Efficacy to Purify Air

Our experts did a real-time simulation of different environments with air purifiers and rated them based on their effectiveness. The top-rated air purifiers filtered air contaminants without leaving residue or odor, while the worst air purifiers had negligible effects in cleansing the air.

Proven Scientific Technologies

There are renowned technologies that can eliminate contaminants and toxins from the air, including Ozone filtration, carbon filtration, and negative ion filtration, among other techniques. We considered air purifiers that utilize science-backed technologies.

Transparency in the Advertisement on Effectiveness

Some air purifier brands had random claims about appliances filtering particulate matter up to 99.99% without approval. We disregarded companies that had dishonest marketing claims.

The capability of Filtering Multiple Air Particles

We have top-rated air purifiers that can filter multiple air particles, including germs, smog, allergens, particulate matter, toxins, and pollen. Our experts highly ranked the air purifiers that targeted multiple air particles to maximize cleaning the air effectively.

Charging Capacity, Battery Life, and Power Source

Some air purifiers can retain charge for up to 10 hours and are portable. Other air purifiers need to be charged continuously. We checked the aspects of battery life and charging capacity on all our air purifiers for ranking. In addition, we weren’t biased against the air purifiers that needed to be charged continuously.

Ease of Use

Our team considered air purifiers that were easy to operate as best. We evaluated the charging duration, the size of the charging, and whether there were complications in usage. Also, we examined if the air purifiers have a practical and simple design.

Price and Value

A premium value of the product should accompany a premium cost for an air purifier. If consumers pay for higher prices, they ought to find quality that doesn’t compromise the price. Consumers don’t need to use over $300 for an ideal air purifier. Some of the best air filters from our list sell at prices under $100. Our team wasn’t biased against companies with price points, but our ranking considered the price and value of the available products.

Durability, Cost of Maintenance, and Filter Replacements

How often should consumers replace filters? Our experts evaluated the durability of air purifiers and the duration of usage before damage or replacement. We also considered whether an air purifier cleans itself or remains effective for long. Our ranking also checked the air purifier’s durability and maintenance requirements.

Square Footage Coverage

Some air purifiers cover an area measuring 100 to 200 square feet and are suitable for an average-sized bedroom or office. Others cover about 400-1000 square feet and are ideal for smaller houses, apartments, and larger rooms. We considered companies that had an honest statement regarding square footage coverage for air purifiers during our selection.

Noise Pollution

Some available air purifiers are suitable for cleansing the air but are extremely loud. We considered air purifiers with holistic efficacy and silence while running. In addition, air purifiers with a controllable speed are more suitable.

Real-time Experiences, Customer Reviews, and Ratings

We tested the appliances on the provided list via the simulation setting. Our team considered different locations since air varies in humidity levels, particulate matter, and properties. We also checked on the product reviews and feedback provided by consumers. Some air purifier brands had massive support from users on a thousand 5-star reviews. We ranked the air purifiers based on more positive reviews, real-world experience, and ratings.

Complementary Features

Some air purifiers are designed with carrying handles, night lights, and other essential features to enhance their functionality. We checked on added features in our ranking to some extent. However, we primarily rated air purifiers based on the in-built filtration technology.

Aesthetics and Design

Air cleaners are made with different appeals, and some look bland while others look futuristic. Despite the design and appearance being of low priority, we still had to consider since most air purifiers are placed in the open at homes and offices and should look good.

Moneyback Guarantee

All the available air purifiers must have a money-back guarantee. Nowadays, all companies provide consumers with satisfaction or a money-back guarantee upon purchase. The policy was implemented to enhance easy refunds if users are not satisfied. We evaluated the aspect of satisfaction guarantee on air purifiers and matched the refund policy with longevity and flexibility.

What are the Benefits of Air Purifying Devices?

Air purifiers are vital appliances in cleansing any contaminants, allergens, and toxins in the air. Unlike humidifiers and oil diffusers that dissipate particles into the surrounding, air purifiers filter the available particles in the air. As a result, the appliances sterilize air particles and ensure clean air. Air purifiers have multiple benefits, and some include:

Aids in Managing the Symptoms of Asthma

Patients with asthma can benefit from air purifiers as they experience breathing difficulties. Asthma leads to the inflammation of bronchial tubes, and air pollutants or contaminants can lead to irritation. In addition, pollen, dust, and other particles make it harder for asthma patients to breathe. Air purifiers can alleviate asthma symptoms by eliminating irritants from the air.

Getting Rid of Toxic Compounds from The Indoor Settings

Most people breathe air saturated with contaminants without realizing it. The indoor air may contain nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide particulate matter, negatively affecting overall health. If one is exposed to carbon monoxide in excess, the effects can be life-threatening. In addition, studies reveal that prolonged exposure to low doses of carbon monoxide can heighten the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Air purifiers are ideal for cleansing the air and preventing consumers from facing such predicaments.

Eliminating Smog and Air Pollutants

Urban centers have vehicle smog and other air pollutants, exposing residents to toxins. Air purifiers eliminate vehicle smog and other contaminants enabling consumers to breathe clean air in urban settings. However, in rural locations, residents enjoy the fresh air. Therefore, the atmosphere in our environment could have particles detrimental to our health. The surest way to ensure safety is by purchasing an ideal air purifier that eliminates the available pollutants.

Minimizes the Spread of Airborne Diseases

Most diseases are airborne, and an indoor setting may lead to all family members having the flu. Air purifiers use the HEPA filtration technique and lessen the risk of airborne disease spread. An ideal air purifier can enhance the quality of life, especially for people who have a weakened immune system, children, and seniors. The appliances cleanse the air and ensure it’s free from toxins.

Provides Better Sleep

People who struggle to find enough sleep may find air purifiers suitable. The appliances clean the air and enable one to have a better sleep. Poor quality air may compel one to sneeze, cough, or have a congested respiratory tract overnight, leading to restlessness. Air purifiers are ideal since they clean the air and ensure quality air for a comfortable sleep.

Filters Cancer-Causing Compounds

Health practitioners categorize air compounds as carcinogenic if they can cause cancer. Some air purifiers can filter carcinogenic compounds from the air. Once cancer-causing compounds are eliminated, users reduce the chance of inhaling carcinogenic compounds from the air—the lesser the carcinogens in the body, the lesser the chances of having cancer.

Removal of Hazardous Toxins and Compounds like Asbestos

Asbestos material has been known for its use in residential or commercial construction since the 1940s. You are likely to be exposed to asbestos daily, and its particles are harmful to your health. Air purifiers are viable in the removal of asbestos particles.

Gets Rid of Lousy Pet Odors

The presence of pets in a home may predispose one to a crucial role in eliminating the unpleasant smell from their home. It’s not easy to avoid foul odor, no matter how hard you clean.

However, Air purifiers are scientifically proven to utilize advanced technology that can latch onto the odor-causing particulate matter in the air, providing your home with a fresh and clean scent. A good air purifier can resolve the hassle of foul odor, whether one has one or more pets in the house. In addition, the appliance ensures that the house has a fresh fragrance.

Regulating the Humidity Levels

Most air purifiers nowadays have the functionalities of humidifiers or dehumidifiers. If you reside in a dry area, adding humidity to the air you breathe can resurface your cracked skin, eliminate wrinkles, and prevent a scratchy throat. On the other hand, people who reside in humid areas need to lower the level of humidity in the air to avoid molds and enhance indoor comfort. Running an air purifier frequently can dry out your house settings. Good air purifiers can add or reduce humidity levels. For a sustainable built environment, lowering humidity levels can prevent spalling of the walls and the formation of molds.

Controlling Allergies

Air purifiers are essential in removing allergens (Allergens refers to substances that cause irritation and eventually trigger allergic responses from your body) from the air. If you periodically experience seasonal allergies, you’ll need to purchase an air purifier. Ideal air purifiers eliminate pollen, molds, and toxins from the air, which lead to allergies. In addition, people faced with allergies and respiratory health issues may require air purifiers.

Less Dust Accumulation

Dust particles constantly build on buildings’ windows and in the air. However, with a suitable air purifier, consumers can minimize the rate of dust accumulation. Thus, consumers don’t need to do regular dusting. Human skin flakes also lead to dust particles. The installation of air purifiers significantly lowers the presence of dust particles at home and ensures fresh air to breathe. Inhalation of excess dust particles may lead to respiratory health issues.

The Enhanced Durability of HVAC Filters and Other Devices

Air purifiers minimize straining on various components, including air conditioning filters, furnace systems, and HVAC devices. It’s proven that an ideal air purifier may enhance the longevity of numerous HVAC systems.

Stress Management

Research findings show that air pollutants are linked to stress. Exposure to contaminants when one is outdoors or indoors can lead to heightened stress levels. Stress is also associated with hypertension, weight gain, and other underlying health issues. With an air purifier, one can reduce pollutants from the air and minimize stress. A good air cleaner filters many dust particles in a room setting.

Mosquitoes and Pest Repellant

Air filters push away pests and mosquitoes due to some air cleaners’ negative ion and ozone filters. An air filter can be ideal for controlling pests and mosquitoes in the rooms.

Controlling the Formation of Mold

Homes could be prone to mold due to various aspects. For instance, those living in humid areas are likely to experience mildew formation in their built environment. In addition, a home with poor airflow may also have molds on the walls. However, with a robust and suitable air filter, consumers can control mold formation, saving on the cost of built environment repairs and improving consumers’ health.

Prevention of Headaches and Migraines

Persistent headaches could be attributed to airborne pollutants. The best air filters can eliminate toxins from the air and alleviate consumers of severe and recurring headaches since pollutants raise the risk of having headaches.

Boost Life Expectancy

Eliminating airborne particles can save one from numerous issues associated with the respiratory tract. Some air filters have proven to boost life expectancy and prevent air particles from entering the body via the lungs.

Inhalation of toxins or pollutants into the respiratory system further leads to the entry of the particles into the bloodstream. Once the airborne pollutants get into the brain, they heighten the risk of developing a degenerative brain disease. Filtering the air in your work or residential space alleviates such issues and boosts life expectancy.

How Air Purifying Devices Work

Before purchasing an air purifier, you must learn some primary mechanisms of how the appliance functions and operates to clean the air. The methodologies may vary based on our preferences. Air purifiers utilize different techniques and technologies to cleanse the air. For example, some air purifiers use negative ion or ozone technology, while others use mechanical or carbon filters. Here’s a look at how the above air purifiers work:

Activated Carbon Filters

Air cleaners that use activated carbon have a unique molecular shape of charcoal that traps odors and air particles. Activated carbon uses a natural charge to attract air particles. Therefore, all the harmful particles are towards the activated carbon, and the filters track the air particles within.

HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters capture small-sized air pollutants measuring 0.3 microns. It’s not possible to identify the particles with the human eye, and the best quality air filters capture the particles keeping consumers safe. In addition, some of the air purifiers in our list utilize HEPA filtration technology to shield tiny compounds from your respiratory tract, which may lead to severe health implications.

Ozone Filters

Some modern air purifiers use ozone filters to cleanse the air. The air cleaners are primarily used in commercial settings like hotels. The appliances utilize a unique technique that involves ozone creating large amounts of harmful ozone that neutralize home odors, especially if one has a pet. In addition, other air filters utilize less amount of ozone ions and are safe for residential rooms.

However, there are higher-end commercial ozone filters that compel consumers to evacuate the room during the air cleansing operation. Finally, the air is blown out of the room before consumers enter to enhance health safety. The ozone filters are renowned for their effective capability to fight foul odors, airborne contaminants, and bacteria from space.

UV Light Air Filters

The air purifiers utilize ultraviolet light to destroy any toxic particles available in the air. UV light has a precise wavelength that neutralizes bacteria and deactivates their activities at cellular levels. Most medical facilities utilize UV light air filters to cleanse their surfaces and tools, and nowadays, the best air filters use similar techniques.

Negative Ion Filters

Negative ionizers or negative ion filters are eligible to create particles with a negative charge, which allows them to attract and get attached to positively-charged particles in the air. Instead of breathing in harmful, positively-charged ions, consumers can remove them from the air using air purifiers in their homes. It’s crucial to replace filters regularly for longevity and quality air. Unmatched airflow and high filtration rates are vital enhancements in the use of filters.

Air purifiers use advanced filtration technologies that cleanse harmful particles available in the air. Some top-rated and efficient air cleaners feature superior filters with about 100% efficiency. Air purifiers with High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters (HEPA) could capture the tiny and visible airborne compounds suspended in the air.

However, all air purifiers are made differently to handle the different particulate matter from the air. Experts may also recommend consumers purchase humidifiers or dehumidifier featured air purifiers based on the climatic conditions of their area of residence.

FAQs About Air Purifying Devices

Our specialists find a lot of questions regarding air purifiers and how they function. Below are some of the answers to commonly asked questions that users have.

Q: What’s the principle behind how air purifiers work?

A: Air purifiers follow an advanced science-based technique that uses activated carbon filters, negative ions, or ozone to eliminate particulate matter from the air.

Q: What Exactly is a HEPA filter?

A: A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is a uniquely designed indoor appliance that captures 0.3 micron-sized particles from the air. The apparatus utilizes unique technology, including tiny fiberglass threads to filter the particles from the air.

Q: Can air purifiers help with the coronavirus?

A: HEPA-based air purifiers could capture particulate matter that’s almost the size of the coronavirus and might help prevent the virus from spreading.

Q: What elements should I look at in an air purifier?

A: When purchasing air purifiers, you need to consider various aspects, including a strong CADR rating, HEPA filtration, and the suitable size for your working space or targeted area.

Q: What’s CADR?

A: Clean air delivery rate (CADR) is a metric for an air purifier’s cleansing speed. Most appliances with high CADR are highly effective in eliminating dust, smoke, and pollen from the environment. Ideal air purifiers have a CADR ranging between 300 and 350.

Q: What other approaches can one take to improve indoor air quality?

A: Apart from using your air purifier for clean air, you can improve indoor air quality by opening your room windows and frequently vacuuming. Additionally, you need to change air filters regularly, use exhaust fans in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry area, and cut down the use of wood and candle fires in the house.

Q: What’s the duration taken by air purifiers to operate?

A: An ideal air purifier, once run, should start working within minutes. However, the air will be cleaned within 30 minutes to 2 hours of operation.

Q: Which is the most suitable location to place an air purifier?

A: users can allocate the air purifier to a well-ventilated area or in a central location in the room. One can also place it near the workspace adjacent to a nightstand or an office desk.

Q: Are air purifiers unsuitable for use?

A: Some commercial-grade air purifiers utilize a high amount of ozone to cleanse the air, and users need to leave the room for a particular duration. However, most typical air purifiers are effective and safe for anyone.

Q: Are air purifiers genuinely functional?

A: Air purifiers filter and cleanse the air. Suitable air purifiers are scientifically proven to filter any particulate matter and ensure the air you breathe is free from pollutants or allergens.

Q: Which is the best air purifier?

A: all the top-ranked air purifiers from the list done by our experts are the best. Some ideal air purifiers include Purifier, Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner, Proton Pure, and Blaux In-Home.

Q: What are the indicators of poor indoor air quality?

A: Some of the symptoms that one may experience when indoor air is poor include frequent headaches, unusual odors around the house, and illnesses or lethargy among pets and children.

Q: What’s ACH?

A: Air charges per hour (ACH) show how often an air purifier filters or cleanses the air. Suitable air purifiers have an ACH of 6 to 8, which depicts that they purify the air in rooms 6 to 8 times every hour.

Q: Are air purifiers costly to operate?

A: Today, most air purifiers are energy-efficient appliances whose cost to run and maintain is minimal annually despite using them frequently.

Q: Do air purifiers have any side effects?

A: Typical air purifiers are known to be safe and effective for use, and there are no established side effects.

Q: How often should one keep the air purifier running?

A: Consumers can run air purifiers frequently and when there’s a need to clean the air. Some users run air purifiers for a few hours while others leave them running continuously, especially in the house.

Q: Can air purifiers prevent allergies?

A: Ideal air purifiers cleanse allergens (allergy-causing factors) from the air and can enable users to deal with allergies.

Q: Are air purifiers helpful in managing asthma?

A: Air purifiers are essential in eliminating particulate matter from the air and can help patients who have asthma. Asthma is associated with inflamed bronchial tubes, and the presence of particulate matter in the air could irritate these tubes upon inhalation. Once the particulate matter is eliminated, fewer asthma effects are experienced.

Q: Is it right to run the air purifier continuously?

A: Research indicates that most air purifiers effectively work when run continuously. The longer the air purifier runs, the cleaner the air in the room becomes. Consumers may opt to keep the air purifiers running or turned off based on convenience.

The Top Air Purifying Devices in 2022 Final Word

Most air purifiers are designed to work instantly to boost indoor air quality. A quality air-cleansing device uses ionization technology, activated carbon filters, HEPA, and UV light filters to remove harmful carcinogens, dust, smoke, and other pollutants from the air.

The Best Air Purifiers can help you sleep better, improve your air quality, and reduce the risk of developing respiratory issues. It is possible to get an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and affordable air purifier in the market today.


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