“Breathing Is The Most Underrated Thing You Will Do All Day Every Day.” Meg Callus

Oprah Daily Recognizes Nationally-Renowned Breathwork Coach Megan Callus For Revolutionary Breathwork Recovery Programs Impacting Personal Health & Wellness

Science Has Proven Again & Again That Changing The Way We Breathe Can Help Heal A Host Of Health Issues Including Anxiety, Fatigue, High Blood Pressure & Long Covid

Megan Callus and her breathwork practice, Boundless Breath, a leading provider of innovative breathwork programs, were featured in a recent article by Oprah Daily, a popular lifestyle publication and influential source of information for everyday living.

"I am honored to have my breathwork programs recognized by Oprah Daily," states Megan Callus, Founder and CEO of Boundless Breath. "This media attention underscores the importance of proper breathing techniques as a critical component for health and well-being. Boundless Breath is committed to transforming lives through science-based conscious breathing and empowering individuals to achieve boundless well-being. As the demands of modern life continue to take a toll on physical and mental well-being, I will continue to develop and deliver a comprehensive suite of breathwork programs that offer non-pharmaceutical alternatives & solutions to specific areas of concern. Improved health and vitality are possible, and everyone can benefit from integrated holistic principles as an effective and total approach to healthy living.”

Boundless Breath was recognized for transformative techniques designed to help individuals address health issues such as anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure and Long Covid recovery.

The Oprah Daily article - "We Tried It: Three Skeptics Road Test a Breathwork Session and Emerge Transformed" - explores how various Breathwork programs are revolutionizing the wellness landscape. The article delves into the unique approach of Boundless Breath, highlighting Megan and her innovative techniques tailored to address anxiety and soothe the mind.

A sampling of Boundless Breath programs include:

Anxiety Program - Program combines scientifically-backed breathing techniques and evidence-based neurological drills to help individuals reduce stress, cultivate a sense of calm, and regain control over their emotions. Through regular practice, participants retrain breathing patterns that contribute to their anxiety, develop effective coping mechanisms and experience a renewed sense of peace and inner harmony.

Fatigue Recovery Program - Program addresses the underlying causes of fatigue and boosts energy levels naturally. By optimizing oxygen intake, enhancing circulation, and improving cellular function through breathwork, participants can experience increased vitality, improved focus, and a renewed zest for life.

High Blood Pressure Management Program - High blood pressure can have serious health implications, but with the right tools, it can be effectively managed. The program utilizes specific breathing techniques known to lower blood pressure, combined with mindful lifestyle adjustments, empowering individuals to take control of their cardiovascular health and improve overall well-being.

Long Covid Recovery Program - Acknowledging the challenges faced by individuals recovering from long Covid, this tailored program supports respiratory function restoration. Breathwork techniques and neuroscience-based drills help optimize lung capacity, strengthen the respiratory system, and alleviate the multitude of symptoms plaguing those with this debilitating illness, providing relief and promoting a faster recovery.

Programs and workshops are available to individuals, groups, organizations, school districts, athletes, health and wellness centers, holistic practices and sports-related venues, etc. This summer, Megan is offering a free virtual breathing camp, granting individuals the opportunity to learn and experience her exceptional breathing techniques. Participants have the option to sign up for the entire series or register for each class individually. Sessions, presentations and speaking engagements can be customized according to needs. For more information about Boundless Breath and Meg Callus and the positive impact of breathwork, visit the website www.boundlessbreath.us.

About Boundless Breath

Boundless Breath is a leading provider of breathwork programs that empower individuals to optimize their health and well-being. Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, Boundless Breath offers transformative techniques designed to address specific areas of concern including respiratory dysfunction (asthma and sleep apnea), anxiety, fatigue, trauma,, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue & stamina and endurance issues, and Long COVID recovery. With a commitment to holistic wellness based on the most current science, Boundless Breath is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their potential and achieve boundless well-being.

About Meg Callus

Megan is all about the science and magic of breath. She is committed to bringing the highest level of knowledge, the most current science and actual experience to others so they can live better in both their physical and emotional bodies. Megan spent the last decade studying Applied Neuroanatomy and Breathwork and specializes in respiratory training (aka breathwork) to teach clients how to use their breath to reduce stress and heal their bodies. She focuses on the neurology, biochemistry, biomechanics and psychosocial elements of breathing, teaching and utilizing practices that have been scientifically studied and verified in terms of benefits to health. In her practice, she employs different breathing techniques as well as movements that activate specific brain areas to reduce symptoms associated with health issues. She works virtually and in-person and is available as a keynote speaker to address organizations, groups, and to bring a health-conscious presence and advisory to special events.

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