Anxiety and stress are very common phenomena in our daily life and cause serious head and body disorders, how to prevent them.

We often experience stress as a sort of psychological ailment, but in reality its impact is not limited to our mind, but is even reflected on the body, causing symptoms and pathologies. In this article, we look at the effects of stress and anxiety on the human body and how they can harm our long-term health.

We must immediately clarify that anxiety and stress they are doubly tied. A person stressed by various family, personal or work situations will soon develop states of anxiety, which – if prolonged over time – can lead to panic attacks. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to try to prevent stress as much as possible by trying to understand what causes it.

What happens to the body and mind when we are stressed

Keeping our body free from stress is very important for our health and well-being. There are many techniques we can use to reduce stress, such as meditation, yoga, exercise and focusing on breathing.

While on the one hand, however, it is essential to understand how to ‘heal’ from such a condition, on the other it is extremely important to identify the causes of our stress and try to resolve them as soon as possible. In these cases, for example, one could ask without fear or shame for psychological, emotional or relationship support, capable of greatly helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and stress cause physical and mental problems, such as –

Our nervous system it is the organ that regulates all the functions of our body. When we are subjected to a condition of ongoing stress, our nervous system activates the “fight or flight” response. Thus, anxiety appears which can turn into panic attacks.

During this defensive response of the organism, the heartbeat and blood pressure rise fast, while our digestive system slows down and breathing becomes more rapid. This can cause a variety of physical problems such as cardiovascular disease, digestive problems and respiratory ailments. The mind reacts by signaling a feeling of danger and leading to exaggerated and disconnected reactions from reality.

Il endocrine system it is responsible for the production of hormones in our body. Hormones are chemicals that regulate a wide range of bodily functions. When we are stressed, our endocrine system produces the hormone cortisol. If produced in excess, the cortisol can cause problems likeweight gainhigh blood pressure and insulin resistance.

Our immune system it is responsible for defending our body against disease and infection. The stress it can negatively affect our immune system, making us more vulnerable to disease. For example, it chronic stress it can increase the risk of contracting diseases such as herpes or cancer.

Lo stress accelerates the aging of our body. When the body is chronically exposed to situations of anxiety and tension, they develop cellular damage which can in turn cause health problems such as malattie neurodegenerative e memory problems. Furthermore, stress can cause the skin to lose its elasticity with wrinkles, leading to premature aging.

anxiety stress risks
What are the risks you face if you are anxious or stressed (

But that’s not all, there are in fact more physical damages caused by stress they often treat themselves as symptoms without understanding the real cause. Here’s what they are:

  • heachache,
  • hair loss,
  • memory loss,
  • skin problems including acne and psoriasis,
  • heart failure,
  • insomnia,
  • increased asthma and breathing difficulties,
  • tiredness and exhaustion for no real reason,
  • digestive difficulties,
  • nervous hunger, sugar cravings,
  • accumulation of fat on the abdomen,
  • backache,
  • high blood sugar,
  • increased blood pressure.

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