Pranayama has several benefits "It has a calming effect on the mind. It improves sleep and calms down thoughts "...

Digital Desk: Pranayama breathing techniques are recognised to help not only physical health but also mental wellness. While it may appear to be a simple breathing exercise, it must be done correctly and appropriately to reap the most advantages over time. 

Yoga expert Juhi Kapoor took to Instagram to elaborate, writing, "Learn and practise breathing techniques to improve overall wellness." 

How can breathe workouts like Pranayama help? 

According to Kapoor, it accelerates metabolism, improves immunity, improves lung capacity, reduces stress, lowers anxiety, aids in better organ function, promotes hormonal balance, controls blood pressure, and increases longevity.

Pranayama has a "tranquillizing effect on the psyche," according to Nishtha Bijlani, a yoga expert and health consultant. It improves greater sleep and slows down thoughts". Yoga coach Priyamvada M also agreed, saying that the exercise also helps balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and enhances blood purification.

Strategy to excercise:  

*Sit down on a mat or chair in a comfortable position.


*Close the openings of the ears with your thumbs. 

*Spread the remaining four fingers across your face to form the Shanmukhi Mudra (obstruct your ears by placing your thumbs against the tragus). 

*With your forefingers, close your eyes. Your middle finger should be used to partially block the nose. 

*Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and emit the 'hmmm' sound through pressed lips with your little and ring fingers. Repeat for 5-10 rounds.

What are the most common Anulom Vilom or alternative nostril breathing Pranayama mistakes? Check Here 

*Using all of your fingers is thefirst and foremost common mistake. 

*Use of Gyan mudra (the index finger on the left hand should contact the tip of the thumb on the left hand) and Vishnu mudra (Bend the index and middle finger with only the ring, little finger and thumb opened). 

*Elbows raised and elevated.

*Keep the elbow pointed comfortably towards the floor. If your arm hurts, use the other hand to support it. 

*Moving the entire body. 

*Move only the belly part. 

*Too much pressure on the nose. 

*Only a light press of the fingertips on the nose. 

How do you do it correctly? 

Maintain your thumb on your right nostril. Close your eyes and exhale widely and slowly through your left nostril while covering this nostril. After you've completely exhaled, close your right nostril and place your ring finger on your left nostril. Deeply and slowly inhale from the right side. Repeat as many times as you can.

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