Pay attention to the little-known symptoms of high blood pressure.

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Sudden changes in blood pressure lead to symptoms that many cannot associate with this health problem. One of them is dizziness. Doctors warn that some people can have it vertigo for many years, not even realizing that it could be an alarm for hypertension.


In addition to dizziness and possible balance problems, people with high blood pressure may also experience unexplained agitation. Sudden changes in the level of blood pressure lead to the sensation agitation or anxiety. It refers to that feeling of “nervousness” in the stomach. Discomfort, apprehension, helplessness, anticipation of a bad scenario and vague fear.

Sleep problems

The most common problems that people have regarding sleep are taken for granted insomnia, daytime fatigue and apnea or sudden cessation of breathing during sleep. Doctors explain that one of the reasons for these problems can be precisely elevated blood pressure. People associate poor sleep with stress, and usually ignore this symptom.


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