Today smart scales and watches don’t surprise anyone. In our selection we have included more interesting and Modern gadgets.

Every day developers are releasing products designed to make our lives easier. In this article, we will talk about high-tech devices for training and health promotion, which appeared on the market not so long ago, but managed to become popular.

Bone Conduction Receiver for Water Exercise

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This device is designed to make life easier for coaches who had to stand by the pool’s edge and yell for their trainees to hear their instructions. The SONR is the world’s smallest receiver that allows swimmers to hear their coach underwater using bone conduction technology. Communication is provided in real time, with no delay. Even at depth, an athlete will clearly hear all commands and technical corrections from the coach. The receiver is very comfortable to use because it can be placed anywhere on the head (for example, under a swimming cap or on the elastic band of goggles). The device provides stable connection at a distance of 300 meters and a depth of 1 m.

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Gadget to train the vestibular system

Muscle tone, blood pressure, the ability to regulate emotions and many other important functions of the body depend on the work of the vestibular apparatus. The more precisely our internal gyroscope is calibrated, the more smoothly the whole body works.

With the help of a special trainer you will be able to adjust your vestibular apparatus. During this exercise a person moves a laser sight, which is fixed on the head, according to a given graphic scheme. Different movements of the head activate different parts of the vestibular apparatus. All of them correspond to certain areas of the drawing. while working with the simulator, the person can see if he/she performs the movement accurately. This calibrates the vestibular apparatus.

Breathing trainer


Normally, people use only 20% of their total lung volume to breathe. Any athlete knows how important it is to train the breathing muscles to achieve really good results. Athletes use special breathing exercises, but there are also extra gadgets that can help.

The gadget that we are going to tell you about makes breathing more difficult by artificially increasing resistance for the breathing muscles, so they develop and become stronger, the lung volume increases and shortness of breath disappears. All this is provided by the O2IN trainer. The positive effect of using the simulator increases the effectiveness of training. This gadget is especially popular with people who are recovering from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.

Cheekbone Expander

If you have a free minute at work, at home or in the car, you can spend it to improve your appearance and train your facial muscles. Cheekbone expanders are quite often used by Europeans. Thanks to this device, the tone of facial and neck muscles increases, the chin line becomes more pronounced, and wrinkles are smoothed.

The gadget is a silicone cube with recesses for teeth. You have to bite into it and keep clenching and unclenching your teeth. The same principle of overcoming resistance is used in the classic well-known hand grip.

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