Tips to Prevent Lung Cancer

Lungs are one of the most significant organs of the human body as they allow us to breathe and also regulate blood circulation. It’s of utmost importance that one takes care of the health of these precious organs. You will also see the quality of your life improving once you start breathing well, which will in turn help you both personally as well as in the professional arena.

In this article, you will see six tips which will help you prevent lung cancer while also keeping the overall health of your lungs in superb condition. These tips will also help those who are recovering from a lung illness and support them to attain good health within a short time. 

So let us get started,

Improve Body Posture

Several studies have shown that slumped sitting can significantly reduce lung capacity, as this position leads to the squeezing of the lungs. This is why you must have seen that those who have poor body posture are often vulnerable to respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis. Besides treating the infection in the lungs, it is equally important to correct our body posture as well. 

One of the best ways you can improve your body posture is by doing an exercise called Planks. It is a core strengthening exercise which involves maintaining a position similar to the push-up for the maximum amount of time. 

Practise Deep Breathing Regularly

Deep breathing works wonders to those who are experiencing issues in their lungs. When you practise it daily, it helps in bringing in more oxygen to the lungs while also eliminating toxins and carbon dioxide outside. Moreover when blood is oxygenated, it ensures smoother functioning of vital organs including the immune system as well. 

Whenever you sit for deep breathing, start by slowly inhaling while consciously expanding your belly while lowering your diaphragm. After this, expand your ribs allowing them to open like wings. Finally, allow the upper chest to expand and lift.

Quit the Habit of Smoking

Probably the biggest threat to human lungs today, cigarette smoking is an addiction that shouldn’t be underestimated at all. The chief ingredient of a cigarette, tobacco, consists of over 3000 harmful chemicals which can hamper almost all organs of the human body. What it does to lungs especially is it reduces the number of airspaces and blood vessels in it, leading to less transportation of oxygen in the body.

There are various alternatives available to smoking if you want to overcome your addiction to cigarettes. By using substitutes for cigarettes, you can not only avoid harmful tobacco but also eliminate the pain of withdrawal symptoms as well. 

Reduce Exposure to Air Pollutants

Did you know that air pollution can also cause lung cancer? Well, it’s true. The pollutants in the air include Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Nitrogen Oxide, Ozone, Sulphur Dioxide etc which are harmful to the respiratory system. Long-term exposure to the pollutants can invite various illnesses like chronic asthma, pulmonary insufficiency, cardiovascular diseases etc.

If you are living in an area with high pollution, try wearing a face that protects you against allergens, irritants, dust, viruses, bacteria etc. Also, consider buying an air purifier that effectively removes the pollutants from your room, thereby helping you to breathe easy.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Getting enough water is essential for lungs too as it is necessary for any other organs in the human body. When you keep yourself hydrated, the mucus lining of your lungs remains thin helping you to breathe better. When you are dehydrated, this mucus can get sticky which then will slow down the overall respiration. This will also make you more susceptible to illness, allergies and other respiratory problems. 

As a rule of thumb, an adult should drink around 8 glasses per day. If you think you are not hydrating yourself thoroughly, set daily goals to drink 6-8 glasses of water which will make it a habit for you.

Get Enough Vitamin D

Several researches have shown that higher levels of Vitamin D were linked to better lung functioning, besides keeping the bones and teeth strong. While you will be getting enough of Vitamin D in the summers, you may have to step out of your house in winter to get it in adequate quantities. 

Also, you can get Vitamin D through natural foods like Milk, Mushrooms, Egg Yolk, Salmon, Herring etc. which endows you with excellent immunity as well. 

In a Nutshell,

You have seen five highly effective ways to prevent lung cancer and also to ensure excellent health of the lungs, in general. Remember, the quality of your breathing has a tremendous effect on your overall well-being and it is important to take care of your respiratory system. Once you start breathing easy, you will see how you take charge of your both physical and mental health. 

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