Three things you must do

Finding out the causes of asthma: Several allergens, irritants & pollutants — ranging from pollen, cold air and air pollution — can trigger asthma attacks. Find out the causes of asthma or causes that worsen your asthma and take steps to avoid those triggers. If you act quickly and immediately stop any activity that may have triggered the attack, you’re less likely to have a severe attack. You also won’t need much medication to control your symptoms. When your peak flow measurements decrease it is time to be alert that you might get an oncoming attack, take your medication as instructed. Also, If your symptoms don’t improve, seek medical help as directed in your action plan.

Making an action plan: Asthma is a condition that needs regular monitoring along with treatment. Taking control of your treatment can make you feel much better. With the help of your physician, make a detailed plan for taking medications and managing an asthma attack. Follow your plan and take medication on time.

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