Veterinary epidemiologists estimate about 1% of the nation's domestic feline population suffers from acute or chronic asthma, according to the Cornell Feline Health Center. This condition is the most commonly diagnosed respiratory disorder in cats. And although incurable, it is manageable with the right treatments.

One cat owner, known on TikTok as @_dashandluna_, decided to share a video that shows what it's like for a cat with feline asthma. Not only is it eye-opening, but this cat in the video is such a trooper. Take a look!

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Aww, our hearts are hurting watching this. We can't imagine how uncomfortable it must feel for this cat named Dash to use an asthma inhaler. But, based on this video, we'd say he's used to it. He even counted the seconds and knew immediately at 10 seconds he was done. We need to start showing this clip to kids who use inhalers as encouragement. If a cat can do it, so can you!

It's very important for cat owners to be on the lookout for signs that might indicate if their fur baby is having respiratory issues. These signs will often include coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, wheezing, lethargy, weight loss, choking, and difficulty breathing.

The most common reasons why cats have difficulty breathing are asthma, respiratory infections, heart problems, foreign body, or cancer. It's essential to go to a vet as soon as possible if your cat is having trouble breathing, especially since it could indicate your cat has serious health problems or it could lead to something worse. Trust us, it's worth the vet bill to make sure your fur baby is feeling better and getting the needed treatment.

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