SpryLyfe is an American company specializing in retailing portable oxygen concentrators. SpryLyfe was awarded the Best Oxygen Retail Business in the USA by Corporate Vision.

According to information sourced from World Health Organization, it is estimated that approximately 235 million people have asthma, and millions of others are struggling with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). 

These numbers have skyrocketed in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, reaching higher levels than at any point in the previous decades. SpryLyfe, an American company specializing in retailing portable oxygen concentrators, has made a tremendous impact in helping thousands of individuals with premium-quality oxygen units. 

As a thriving business with a pure vision of helping customers find the best and most affordable oxygen concentrator products, SpryLyfe was declared the Best Oxygen Concentrator Business 2021 in the USA by Corporate Vision – a digital platform with international renown founded to support and improve business practices. 

SpryLyfe was featured in the Small Business Awards 2021 edition of Corporate Vision magazine, and the editor accentuated that this company outgrew the term “small business” without losing its original mission:

“A dedicated supplier of oxygen concentrators, SpryLyfe is a company that, although it’s outgrowing the term “small business,” still thrives to keep its family-owned culture within its walls. This goes alongside its representatives going through rigorous training to make sure they are equipped for their job duties and can do their utmost to support customers.”

SpryLyfe’s catalog is comprised of both stationary and portable oxygen concentrators. The company’s portable models come from world-class manufacturers, such as Arya, GCE, Caire, Inogen, Respironics, ResMed, and Precision Medical while portable concentrated oxygen units are sourced from Rhythm, Philips Respironics, Drive, Inogen, Caire, and other renowned manufacturers. 

In addition to providing its customers with state-of-the-art oxygen concentrators, the company also offers an innovative respiratory muscle training device called The Breather. This product is a drug-free, evidence-based training device used to help patients struggling with COPD, CHF, Dysphagia, and Neuromuscular Disease restore breathing power, improve oxygenation, bolster inspiratory and expiratory muscles, and reduce shortness of breath. 

Innumerable satisfied customers have shared their experiences using SpryLyfe products on the company’s review board. Robert, a verified buyer of SpryLyfe Inogen oxygen concentrator, imparted the following:

“SpryLyfe Inc. was very helpful in picking out my oxygen machine with no sales pressure, pointed out things I did not think about when recommending what I should get. I ordered it, and it was here overnight. The machine works very well and was the same price as Inogen charges. They even called to see how I liked it or if I had any issues. I give SpryLyfe an A+ and would recommend them to anyone, and would buy from them again if I ever need anything else,” said Robert.

More information about SpryLyfe and the brand’s catalog is available on the company’s official website. 

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