ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Local doctors are recommending people stay indoors as much as possible because of our air quality.

Those with an underlying respiratory issue should take extra precautions and pay extra attention to their breathing.

News10NBC’s Patrick Moussignac explains how you can protect you and your family.

Doctors say even if you’re in good health, you should take the air quality alert seriously. 

Doctors explain the remnants of the Canadian wildfires can cause inflammation in a person’s respiratory system and affect their lung function. Healthy people may notice their eyes are irritated — their throat is scratchy — or their nose itchy. 

But this smoke is especially concerning for people who have asthma, shortness of breath, or emphysema and COPD. 

News10NBC asked Doctor Michael Kamali from the University of Rochester Medical Center if people should wear a mask on a day like Wednesday.

“I would say try it on,” says Kamali. “If it feels better and you’re breathing in and the air feels better then great. Then it’s working for you — utilize it — but it’s not an absolute that you have to wear a mask if you’re outside.”

To learn more about the air quality index where you live, click here.

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