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While this is a season to enjoy and kick off the diet and health routine on the side, did you realize that cold is really harmful to your heart and lungs. The following advice can help you maintain the health of these vital organs throughout the cold.

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Did you know that cold weather can spell trouble for your heart and lungs. Winter can affect our immune system and make us susceptible to health issues. With many of us leading sedentary lifestyles, the risk of sudden heart attacks and respiratory problems does increase significantly in winter. 

When the cold air hits, it becomes more difficult for the body to stay warm. As a result of lower body temperatures, the lungs react by shrinking down. It reduces the amount of air that you can take in each breath. Cold air also contains less moisture. It means that breathing can dry out the airways. This can trigger an asthma attack or pneumonia.

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Two tips to prevent a cold from triggering your asthma:

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1. Individuals having a history of asthma attacks from their childhood or either hereditary should use a short-acting inhaler before going outdoors. The inhaler stops the cold air from causing the airways to narrow. Using an inhaler should be a necessary habit. It should be an essential aspect of any person's daily routine no matter how much they take care and also especially should be given significance during the winters.

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2. Always try keeping your mouth covered with a mask or handkerchief. It is a prime tip that can help prevent asthma from triggering. It is a necessary habit that should be adapted into a routine by people suffering from asthma problems. The air you breathe in can become warm on its way to the lungs filtering out pollution and dangerous smog.

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Two tips to prevent heart disease in the cold winter climate:

1. Keeping yourself warm is of utmost importance. If you are prone to cold weather, try to cover yourself with a sufficient layer of clothes to keep your body warm. Avoid outdoor physical activities and remain inside when the weather is too cold.

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2. Stay active physically. It is not necessary to exercise outdoors. You can do indoor activities like light aerobics, yoga, home workouts, dancing, or meditation. Regular exercise keeps your body warm and helps in staying fit. It is pivotal to work out at home and not perform any heavy or rigorous exercises in your daily routine that can become a burden and strain your heart.

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