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The “Mai Poumons” association returns for two days to Toulouse, Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May. The purpose of the respiratory health village is to discover the lungs, to better protect and develop this organ.

Talking about lung health in a positive way is the objective of the association “Mai Poumons”, born in Toulouse in 2015 around caregivers and volunteers from various backgrounds. After three years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Mai Poumons” village is setting up on Friday May 12 and Saturday May 13 at Square Charles de Gaulle in Toulouse. Visitors will be able to discover what breathing is for, how to protect our lungs and how to develop them.

“We want to make each individual aware of their lungs. By knowing them better, we can protect and maintain them. The subject is not the disease but the benefit that the lungs bring us in our lives. We want to remind you how much this organ is beautiful. It provides us with the fuel to sing, run, shout, dance! The heart, lungs and muscles work together and physical activity is beneficial for making these three systems work together”, summarizes Dr Christophe Raspaud, pulmonologist , president and co-founder of the association Mai Poumons.

Emphasis will therefore be placed on everything that can help improve respiratory function, from meditation to physical activity, including diet and precautions to take in relation to our daily environment. “The lungs bring oxygen to the cells of the body but not only. In disciplines such as yoga, tai chi or qi gong, the breath is energy and it is breathing which restores balance in the body. We also know that breathing can stimulate the parasympathetic nerve and calm anxiety”, adds Dr Christophe Raspaud who places the protection of our lungs at the center of a global approach. Taking your bike rather than your car, choosing certified furniture or materials, eating healthy, ventilating your home, allows both to breathe better and to do something for the environment. “Because, let’s not forget, the lung is the first functional organ in contact with the outside”, recalls the pulmonologist.

In the program

The Mai Poumons village, square De Gaulle (behind the Capitol) will be open on Friday May 12 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday May 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. All the animations are free. Information on the May Lungs website.

Visitors will discover the breath laboratory (respiratory capacity measurements made by pulmonologists), actions to protect their lungs from the indoor and outdoor environment. Initiations to first aid will be offered as well as advice on tobacco prevention, development of physical activity and breathing workshops, breathing yoga sessions.

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