COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disorder is a respiratory disease which has no cure so it can be treated and prevented. India has seen an alarming number of patients, about 63 million with COPD in the past 10 years, leading to the need for COPD awareness. 

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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) is a respiratory disease which has no cure of it can be treated and prevented. India has seen an alarming number of patients, about 63 million with this disease in the past 10 years, leading to the need for its awareness.

COPD involves a bunch of lung disorders which are caused by the blockage in the airflow in the lungs. It is usually the combined condition of Chronic Bronchitis, swelling of bronchial tubes causing mucus accumulation in the walls and Emphysema, weakened walls of alveoli leading to inadequate supply of oxygen in areas of lungs. These conditions lead to wheezing, chronic cough and shortness in breath that can’t be reversed however can be managed via inhalers and medications.

COPD -India’s Silent Killer Disease

COPD is mainly caused by inhalation of smoke in various forms. India moving towards becoming a developed economically stable country racing in industrialization and urbanization has also lured deadly disease, health crisis and mortality rate. It is a respiratory burden among Indians due to the air pollution caused by vehicles, environmental management and lifestyle changes of smoking from a very young age has elevated its occurrence among the society. It is also prevailing in rural areas due to the usage of mud stoves and their traditional practices.

Lack of COPD awareness

COPD is commonly mistaken as a chronic cough condition and underestimating their effects in the early stages thus resulting in very poor treatment and lifestyle in the later stages. This misconception is spread among many, preventing them from taking medical attention in the beginning. Access to hospitals and doctors and timely checkup routine is being impossible in rural areas as a result of inadequate healthcare professionals and equipment to provide right diagnosis and monitoring the patients through their track records of visits.

risk factors of silent killer copd
Risk Factors of COPD Image source: LifeSource by A&D medical

Need of the Hour Change in COPD management

Awareness of COPD causes, risk factors and treatment should be addressed to the masses. The people should be educated on the severity of COPD and the difference between various respiratory distress and their necessary medical intervention. Skilled and qualified medical officers to be accessible nationwide especially to remote areas of the country.

Deployment of medical instruments for Point of Care Testing devices along with the temperature, SpO2 levels (oxygen saturation levels), blood pressure monitor and pulse rate to be carried by patients. These devices are easy to be trained and taught to people and integrating these tools with AI technology for diagnosis with precision is achieved and coupling them to mobile applications is easier for patients getting in touch with doctors and keeps their records stored 24/7 to aptly manage the COPD condition of patients.

TT (Treatable Trait) management methods in patients exposed to high levels of smoke can help in predicting the COPD incidence in early stages. It is a clinical phenotypic analysis in which the presence of the TT or biomarkers to cause its condition in an individual is screened. This may be passed on hereditary or may be developed due to the damage sustained by a person.

Thus, COPD in India contributes to 32% of the world’s cases. It is high time to precisely follow the prevention and treatment measures meticulously across nations to reduce the mortality rate and improve the patient burden in later stages.


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