If you suffer from depression and anxiety, then these 8 apps to better release stress can help you meditate and regulate sleep.

If you are a person who lives a busy day to day or is immersed in multiple tasks and activities, it is likely that you suffer abundant stress and anxiety.

And it is that this type of feeling can be caused by multiple problems, whether they are money, health, family or any situation or thought that makes you feel tense.

7 good apps to reduce stress and anxiety from iPhone

Reduce stress and anxiety with these iOS apps

If you want to prevent your problems from becoming a state that affects your personal well-being, then take a look at these apps to reduce stress and anxiety from iPhone and iPad.

Psychology apps for professionals and patients

Apps to reduce stress and anxiety: the best for iPhone and iPad

  • Pure Mind: Meditation, sleep
  • Zen: Meditation and Dream
  • anti-stress exercises
  • Colors: Stress, Dream, Relax
  • anti-stress breathing
  • Simple Habit Dream, Meditation
  • Calm: Meditation and Sleep

The stress It is a response of the body to a possible discomfort or threat and is closely related to anxiety symptoms. And although it is a very common problem, in some cases it is hard to control.

Fortunately, the Apple store offers several apps that can help you reduce stress and anxiety levels from the comfort of your mobile.

Pure Mind: Meditation, sleep

Pura Mente: sleep better, calm your mind, gain energy

Pura Mente: sleep better, calm your mind and gain energy

pure mind is an application that teaches you to meditate from scratch and in this way it helps you control your stress and anxiety levels. In these cases, the platform accompanies you at every step by offering programs for users beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Its platform hosts sessions and relaxation courses, anti-stress meditationssounds to sleep and readings to improve your rest. And not only that, but it will also help you improve your attention, manage emotions, improve your self-esteem and, of course, reduce anxiety and stress.

Its interface is very comfortable to use and its design is beautifulso it gives the user a wonderful experience to find your inner wellness Y enjoy a full life.

Zen: Meditation and Dream

Zen-Meditation and Dream

Zen: meditation guide to calm stress and anxiety

Zen it is one of the best apps to reduce stress and anxiety from iPhone. Its database contains content and attributes that will help you improve your Personal life.

In short, it is a guide with meditations for relaxationaudios and videos, morning music for positive energy, mood lifting therapiesASMR audio, realistic 3D soundsmood monitoring and much more.

anti-stress exercises

anti-stress exercises

Learn to control your breathing with Esercizi antistress

Did you know that breathing can help you relax? That’s right, and if you don’t know how to do it, anti-stress exercises It will be your best guide during the process.

With only 5 minutes for 30 cyclesthe application is able to offer you breathing techniques Y cardiac coherence that positively influence your life.

Best of all, the practices include sound of inspiration so you can do it from anywhere and without having to look at your mobile.

The results are immediate, since you will not only see a reduction in depression symptomsbut also, you will feel better physically and mentally and you will even be able to improve memory and coordination.

Colors: Stress, Dream, Relax

Sleep with the movements of colors

Sleep with the movements of colors

If after an intense day of work you find it difficult to sleep, then Colors: Stress, Dream, Relax is the perfect app for you.

It is another good alternative for reduce stress and rest better with the help of colors. it offers personalized color light sessions professionally oriented for the whole family.

The programs are designed for any moment or situation of your day to day, and can be long (5 or 7 days) either short (minutes per day). In addition, you can accompany them with nature sounds for greater effectiveness.

anti-stress breathing

Breathing exercises to lower anxiety levels

Breathing exercises to lower anxiety levels

anti-stress breathing is another good alternative that shows how to achieve wholeness and calm through breathing exercises: cardiac coherence.

With this platform you can practice where and when you want with 5 minute sessions. Its interface is similar to the one offered by anti-stress exerciseshowever, it is still a very effective option for reduce stress and anxiety.

Simple Habit Dream, Meditation

Wellness and sleep therapy sessions for the whole family

Wellness and sleep therapy sessions for the whole family

If you want to sleep better and improve different aspects of your life, then check out everything it offers. Simple Habit Dream, Meditation.

This platform provides the user wellness and sleep therapy sessions to feel less tired and stressed.

And not only that, since its database includes mindfulness, guided meditations and constant training with the help of mental health professionals.

Calm: Meditation and Sleep

Reduce stress and get more sleep with Calm Sleep & Meditation

Reduce stress and get more sleep with Calm Sleep & Meditation

Last but not least, we have: Calm: Meditation and Sleep. An application designed for sleep more and stress less.

And it is that it is proven that the restful sleep generates a highly positive impact on healthand this application is ideal to accompany you in your episodes.

On its platform you can get guided meditationsbedtime stories, breathing programsmaster classes and Relaxing musicperfect for adapting to routines, concentrating and calm anxiety.

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