Stopping air pollution is not in our hands, although we can strengthen our system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pollution is the fifth leading cause of death in India. Various types of pollutants are always present in the environment. Especially during Diwali, the air of many big cities becomes poisonous. People who have asthma, respiratory problems, sinus lung problems or allergies should be especially vigilant. Here are some tips by which you can prepare your body to fight pollution.

Pollution causes such damage

When the polluted air enters our lungs through breath, the antioxidants present in the lungs combat it. When pollution overwhelms antioxidants, it attacks the immune system. After this on the cells of the body. This causes free radicals to form and inflammation to increase. It is the cause of many diseases. The good thing is that antioxidants can eliminate these free radicals. You can get these antioxidants from your diet and exercise.

Broccoli fights pollution

Crucifer vegetables contain powerful antioxidants. Broccoli is quite helpful in fighting air pollution. Broccoli sprouts in particular are good for health. Many experts believe that it has anti-cancer properties. Apart from broccoli, you can also include cauliflower, mustard, cabbage in your diet. If you are not able to eat them raw then cut them and keep them 40 minutes before cooking. Cook after this, the nutrients will not be lost. Apart from this, boil green vegetables and take them in the form of juice. Also Read: Also Read: Kahi Aap To Nahin Katte Galat Tarah Se Cauliflower? Know the cancer connection of eating vegetables


Sahajan is also called the ‘Tree of Life’ or the miraculous tree. It is believed that from its leaves to its pods it protects against many diseases. Moringa powder also reduces the side effects of smoking. Add sahajan leaves, drumsticks or pods to food and drink to avoid contamination. You can also make leaf powder or leaf tea.

Make friends with Vitamin C

Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and also detoxifies the body. The easiest way to take Isco is to start drinking lemon water daily. Apart from this, definitely eat amla. You can take it in the form of chutney, candy, marmalade or pickle.

Kam K Herbs and Spices

Some herbs and spices are rich in antioxidants. These include basil, green tea, cinnamon and ginger. These are adaptogens that help the body to combat environmental pollution. Turmeric is also a good anti-inflammatory food. Adding a little black pepper to it and taking it daily improves immunity.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Apart from these, Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body. Their sources are flax seeds, walnuts, fish and green leafy vegetables. A recent study has shown that omega 3 fatty acids in the daily diet, vitamin D and exercise also protect against cancer.

Do breathing exercises

Staying active is also very important to keep your lungs working properly and your immunity to stay healthy. Keep drinking water with breathing exercise, Anulom-Vilom karen. Always exercise in the morning for maximum benefits. At this time the air is also less toxic. Also Read: These Easy Breathing Exercises Make Your Lungs Stronger, Reduce Fat With Stress

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