Interrupted sleep had been playing havoc with Paul Adderley's life for 12 months. He would wake up about ten times throughout the night.

"You wake up with a really, really crusty dry mouth," Paul, from Sydney, says.

"I'd have a bottle by the side of the bed and every time I woke up I take a sip and wash my mouth, and then sort of drift off back to sleep.

"And then about half-an-hour later, I'd do exactly the same." 

The lack of sleep was causing Paul to fall asleep at work and at home when he shouldn't have been.

Everything changed when Paul discovered mouth taping through an online search.

When he goes to bed, Paul places a small, 5 centimetre piece of breathable, hypo-allergenic tape over his mouth. By taping his mouth shut, he has to breath through the nose. 

"Most of the time I keep it on and I just sleep through the night," Paul says.

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