How to deal with panic attacks: First of all, it is important to understand what a panic attack is. Panic attacks can happen suddenly and without warning. It can be a sudden fear about something. Why these panic attacks happen, there can be many reasons for this. Here in this article, know everything about panic attack. What are the signs or symptoms of a panic attack? What to do if someone is having a panic attack. It is important to understand that panic attacks can be related to anxiety. Often it can be seen in diabetes, blood pressure, heart patients. Green Peas: Don’t consider peas as such, you get these amazing benefits by eating them every day

Symptoms of Panic Attack | Symptoms of Panic Attack

First of all understand its symptoms. It is important to know what kind of symptoms appear when a panic attack occurs.

1. Shivering. It can be experienced all over the body.
2. Rapid and short breathing.
3. Feeling of shivering in the body. Feeling like a heart attack is about to come.
4. Suddenly breathlessness starts. Suffocation can also be felt in this.
5. Being of fear. It may be that the reason for the fear is not known, but still there is an unknown fear of something.
6. Restlessness.
7. Trembling of legs
8. Chest pain and discomfort
9. Vomiting and upset stomach
10. Rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations
11. Feeling hot
12. Fainting.

If such symptoms are seen then it can be a panic attack.

Why panic attack can come, what can be the reasons behind panic attack-

Firstly, the reason behind this could be genetics. In many cases it has been observed that panic attacks are due to genetic reasons.
– Suddenly something happens that dominates the fear.
– Increased heartbeat due to excessive stress and fear.
People who are very sensitive by nature. Cases of his panic attacks can often be seen.
Getting stressed over small things. Hair Care Tips: Follow these simple steps to protect hair from dryness

How You Can Help A Person Having A Panic Attack

The chances of anything bad happening in the event of a panic attack are slim. If you have a panic attack, convince yourself that it is not dangerous. Start talking to yourself or those who have problems. Explain that this situation is a temporary anxiety. You can stop it.

– Breathe in slowly, deeply and slowly through the nose as much as possible.
Exhale slowly and deeply through the mouth.
If this is the case, then counting from 1 to 5 while breathing can be helpful.
Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

By doing this the person facing the attack can feel better.

People with panic disorder often ignore situations that can trigger panic attacks in them. Such people often feel hesitant or afraid to meet people. Underactive Thyroid Signs: These 5 changes in the body indicate that you have hypothyroidism.

when to go to the doctor

If you constantly feel stressed and anxious, especially about when your next panic attack might happen, you may have panic disorder. See a doctor as soon as possible. and better understand your situation.

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