If you've felt a greater sense of unease lately, you're not alone. Americans are more stressed out today than at any time in recent years.  

We worry about our money, the war in Ukraine, the ongoing threat of disease, political turmoil — these and other societal triggers for anxiety lurk around every corner. 

An annual poll on stress conducted in the spring by the American Psychological Association revealed that an overwhelming number of Americans remain in "survival mode" because of stress related to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing costs for food and other goods, and other societal factors. 

The poll found that more people are leaving their jobs, some are gaining weight because of prolonged inactivity, fewer people are optimistic about their future, and parents fear that their children suffered developmentally from the major disruption of the pandemic.

It's all just ... a lot. How can we cope?

The National Institutes for Mental Health (NIMH) recommends practicing self-care to help manage stress and anxiety. The NIMH explains that in addition to reducing stress, self-care can lower your risk of illness and increase your energy.

There is no right or wrong self-care technique. What's right for you is the habit or ritual that works. Finding out what works might take some time and research.

We reached out to 34 of our favorite healing, mental health and wellness experts and asked them to respond to the question, "What is the single most effective self-care or healing ritual that anyone can try?"

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