ORLANDO, Fla.--()--Mayo Clinic released the results of a clinical trial demonstrating the positive outcomes of a Comprehensive Wellness Program for reducing stress and improving resilience among healthcare professionals. Integral to the study was the participants’ use of BREATHER FIT®, one of PN Medical's Combined Respiratory Muscle Training (cRMT) devices.

Participants in the study received an Oura Ring® and a BREATHER FIT® device, educational materials, situational breathing strategies, virtual education sessions, and weekly emailed recommendations to participate in the intervention for four weeks. Participation criteria included employment at Mayo Clinic serving front line patients and having access to a smart device they would be willing to utilize for study participation.

“Specifically, we looked at the impact of this program on stress and sleep, with doctors and others on the front line of healthcare,” said Brent Bauer, M.D., from Mayo Clinic. “I don’t know if it surprised me…I think it reassured me that these busy physicians could find five minutes, twice a day to do a pretty basic respiratory muscle training and actually get a significant impact on their anxiety and stress levels.”

Pre-2020, hospitals and clinics were already facing a crisis with physicians as front line workers attending to life and death situations, but the Covid-19 Pandemic took it to a level never seen before. This study sought to answer the question, what else can we do to help essential front line personnel survive and thrive in such demanding positions?

A relatively simple, drug-free breathing technique showed a very big impact. The study found that participants generally experienced favorable results and stress was reduced by an average of 18%. The study also examined sleep and depression.

The idea of resilience is not unique to healthcare providers; it is something that is needed by everyone in and out of the workplace.

“Through all of our diverse research studies with NATO pilots, professional athletes, COPD patients, opera singers and many other groups of people, we consistently see how The BREATHER® strengthens your respiratory system and contributes to longevity and wellbeing,” said Mark Carbone, CEO of PN Medical. “This also supports findings from other studies like one from Colorado University Boulder published last year in The Journal of The American Heart Association that demonstrated RMT’s impact on lowering blood pressure as effectively as traditional exercise or drugs.”

About PN Medical, Inc.

PN Medical is a leader in respiratory care and research, creating the world’s first Combined Respiratory Muscle Training (cRMT) device more than 40 years ago. Through their products, education, research, and technology, they’ve helped more than 1.6 million people recover from respiratory and cardiovascular conditions; improve human performance; reduce stress and anxiety; and find relief and resilience from COVID. The benefits of The BREATHER® are hoped to help the 120 million people suffering from Long-Covid. Read full clinical trial results here

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