Good sleep is hygienic but sometimes you can miss to have it due to mental or physical reasons.

Stress and your daily routine can determine if you can get sleep at night or not.

Good regular sleep is highly recommended because it leaves you re-energized.

But taking a bath before bed time and having clean bedding is not enough to achieve quality sleep.

Sleep expert Dr Nisa Aslam from Puressentiel says, "a minute or two of deep, controlled, breathing-into your abdomen rather than your chest - increases what’s known as ‘tidal volume’ of air in and out of your lungs."

The  findings show that breathing this way aids in unwinding by bringing down your heart rate and blood pressure.

It also improves oxygenation throughout your body and produces beneficial changes in hormone levels to help your body prepare for sleep.

1. Lie down and straighten your legs slightly apart with toes pointing outward.

2. Rest your arms on your side with the palms facing upwards.

3. Close your eyes.

4. Take deep, slow breaths and fill up your lungs. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

5. Put one hand on the stomach and the other on your chest. Note which hand rises the most when you inhale.

6. If the hand on your chest rises the most as you inhale, try feeling your abdomen which is full of air, forcing it to rise.

7. Try to relax and focus on the sound of your breath.

Essential oils can also help with sleep, particularly lavender.

“Dim lights and spritz a lavender-based essential oil spray near your bed since a number of clinical trials and studies have proved its efficacy," Aslam explain.

One of the oil which measured brain activity showed that lavender oil increases deep, or slow-wave sleep.

Aslam recommended that one should try 100 per cent natural Puressentiel Rest and Relax Air Spray with lavender and 11 other essential oils to aid sleep and soothe everyday stress.

“Clinical trials by the Sleep Centre in Paris showed that it improved sleep scores with an increase in sleep duration by an average of 21 minutes.”

It’s also worth remembering that we need to “breathe good quality, clean air for optimum health and a good night’s sleep,”Aslam added.

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