Stress has a way of creeping up on us in an instant.

Whether it’s the pressure of an impending deadline, the panic of losing an important item, or worrying about some future events, stress is quick to arise and slow to shake off.

We all know of ways to ease our anxious thoughts — going for a 5-mile run, making some herbal tea, or taking 30 minutes to meditate. But sometimes, when panic is mounting, we don’t have time to do one of these methods.

Sometimes, all we have is a couple of minutes to calm down before we have to face a work presentation, college exam, or get back to running errands. 

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It helps to have some 5-minute techniques to bust stress and relax, so you can fight off anxiety just as quickly as it arises.

Here are the 14 best stress relievers that will have you feeling serene and calm before you know it.

1. Laugh.

This tip is no joke. You might feel a little psychotic at first when you force out a fake laugh or smile, but the ridiculousness of this exercise will have you genuinely laughing in no time.

Having a giggle stimulates circulation and relieves tension; it also fires up the brain and encourages it to calm your stress hormones, releasing positive endorphins instead. 

2. Breathe.

Breathing acts as a pacemaker for our brains, so if you find your mind running wild with stress and worry, it might be time to slow down your breath and concentrate your thoughts.

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