Tech News Desk – Health technology brand Explore Lifestyle launched the AeroFit Pro, a smart breathing training device, a few months back. It is the world’s first smart breathing training device. Aerofit Pro is a one of a kind Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) device developed by Explore Health Technologies in association with Aerofit Denmark. The device can be connected to a smartphone and can monitor lung capacity as well as its airflow. The price of Airofit Pro has been kept at Rs 34,990. With the help of the Smart Lungs purifier, both the inspiratory and expiratory muscles can be trained.

It works by subjecting the diaphragm and other breathing muscles to resistance training, an exercise that involves rolling a resistance wheel while the device adjusts airflow. The company also has a light version of it called AIROFIT Active, which has been priced at Rs 11,990. We’ve used the AeroFit Pro for a few days. The major difference between the Pro and the Active is Bluetooth. The AiroFit PRO has Bluetooth, while the Active version doesn’t. Let’s know the review of AiroFit PRO.

With the Explore AeroFit Pro In the box you get the Explore AeroFit Pro, a Micro USB cable and two mouthpieces. A guide for use is also provided. Aerofit Pro has inhalation and exhalation resistance wheels on both sides i.e. one is for inhalation and the other is for exhalation. In is written on one side and out on the other. These are marked ABCDEF to increase and decrease the inhaled air, while the outside is marked 1 2 3 4 5 6.

The front has branding and a white button which is the power button. The green light comes on with the power button on. The power button part can be taken out and the in-out key wheel can also be adjusted according to your need and exercise. The mouthpiece can also be easily detached from the device. The mouthpiece is made of silicone, which the company says is safe for health. We had Black and Red color variants for review. Overall its design is good and there is no problem in exercising.

AiroFit PRO can be used on both Android and iOS devices through the AiroFit PRO app. The app takes access to Bluetooth, internet and location from you. Its most special thing is that you can see the complete report of breathing exercise in mobile. It generates reports according to the flow of breath. AiroFit PRO monitors your breathing volume and reports on mobile. The AiroFit PRO app also offers a variety of training sessions and different grading.

In this, you can take deep breathing, flexibility of the lungs and training to hold the breath. Apart from this, there are many types of training modes. In the app, you will have to give information about name, age, gender and date of birth and an account will be created in the app, your data will be stored in this account. With the help of the power button, you will be able to connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity and AiroFit PRO app.

AiroFit PRO has been designed in such a way that it can be used by anyone. If you go to gym, do cycling or are a sports man or do exercise just to stay fit. This device is for you. You can use the app for free and it also has a premium version. AiroFit PR is very easy to use and according to the company’s claim, 5-10 minutes of daily training can improve your lung health to a great extent.

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