Breathing correctly is a stress-busting tool that, when used correctly, can work wonders for grounding yourself and providing instant calm. Several tools and apps can help you learn to develop better breathing habits. Breath Hub is one such app, and here’s how it aims to help you in your wellness journey.

Breath Hub Uses a Breath Analysis Algorithm

Breathwork is the term for a group of breathing practices focused on mental health and stress relief, and Breath Hub claims to be the world’s largest breathwork community. The Breath Hub app claims to offer transformational breath journeys. The idea is that by improving your breathing habits, you also develop positive habits to change your mindset and improve your quality of life.

While there are many good apps to teach you breathing exercises for relaxation and mindfulness, Breath Hub offers a unique approach: a Breath Analysis algorithm that analyzes your breathing habits, identifies any problems, and provides a personalized daily program based on your specific needs.

This starts with taking a breath analysis assessment and answering a series of 17 questions about your breathing and physical sensations on a sliding scale of how often you experience them. Examples include how often you experience shortness of breath or a tight chest.

You then get a breath score marked out of 100, and a personalized program is generated based on the result, with a series of guided exercises for you to follow daily.

Download: Breath Hub for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

The Breath Hub Self-Mastery Journey

There’s a lot more to Breath Hub than simply following your personalized plan. In the For You section of the app is a series of sessions and courses based on your interests. The highlight is your Self-Mastery Journey with Breath Hub’s founder, Nevsah Karamehmet.

It’s a 50-part program with one module unlocked each day. The course is designed to help you change your limiting breath and thought patterns, mastering your mind to achieve greater self-awareness and balance.

Breath Hub Sessions and Courses

If you want more immediate access to training, you can view the whole catalog in the Explore tab. There’s an impressive range of more than 800 individual sessions and courses to try within sections that include:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional health
  • Mental health
  • Fitness endurance
  • Sleep well
  • Relax
  • Transform your life
  • Ease pain

Each section has a range of individual breathwork sessions, introduced with a note about the content, suggested level of expertise, recommended time of day, and duration.

Alternatively, you can embark on one of the courses provided, with titles such as Mind and Breath Transformation Program, 10 Days to a Happier and Calmer You, and Breathing Techniques for Supporting and Accelerating Your Diet.

With such an extensive range of sessions and courses, it is a great shame that the search function is so limited. Although you can look up keywords, there is no option to filter results by duration or expertise level or even to choose between sessions and courses. Unlike many similar apps, there’s no favorites section to allow you to bookmark and save sessions for future access.

Breath Hub for Kids

Breath Hub contains a special Kids section with over 20 breathing exercise sessions for children. There’s help here for kids of all ages, from Sleepy Time programs for preschool students to a series called Overcoming Exam Stress for older age groups. It’s an excellent bonus if you’re a parent, carer, or educator.

What Makes Breath Hub Worth Downloading?

Unlike many programs that simply provide a timer or focus on breathing techniques, Breath Hub is far more profound, incorporating meditative elements to provide a holistic and immersive experience.

This in itself is not unique. There are several breathwork apps on the market, and you might like to consider the One Deep Breath app, which teaches you basic breathing techniques and includes some meditation content. Many meditation apps include breathing exercises as a key part of their offering—for example, the feature-packed Breethe meditation app.

However, Breath Hub is unique in its individualized approach, using your Breath Analysis to deliver a personalized program. It has an impressive team of experts to ensure quality content as well. You’ll find details of the teaching team within the Explore section, where a gallery of the “Breath Hub people” shows their expert credentials and philosophy.

Science-backed and recommended by doctors, fitness trainers, and breathing experts, Breath Hub has sufficient quality content to make it worthwhile for many people. If you’re unsure, explore the free content on the app before subscribing.

Breath Hub Aims for Better Breathing and Meditation

When you’re busy or feeling stressed, you may well find that you’re breathing shallowly. Stopping and taking a deep breath is often enough to ground and refocus you. Breath Hub wants to help you learn more positive breathing and thinking habits. The result can be a more relaxed, positive approach to life. Whichever method you choose, it’s well worth learning some breathing techniques for your well-being

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