Many people who come to practice yoga, thinking about improving their mental health. And it is true that yoga reduces stress, increases well-being and more relaxation, but it also does a good number of physical benefits that help us to improve our body.

As the book Yoga, as Medicine indicates, Eastern cultures have used this discipline for millennia to increase human health, which has been reflected in increased longevity and better body shape. Yoga is an ideal practice for improving the body in a holistic way, from improving the immune system to increasing strength or losing weight.

You breathe more and more

The first thing you learn when you start doing yoga is to breathe well, which we don’t naturally do as we think. In this practice, diaphragmatic breathing is basic, in which you inhale through your nose, drawing air to your belly, and exhale through your mouth, doing the opposite of when you normally inhale through your mouth. This breathing increases the oxygenation of the cells with all the benefits that it brings; improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and balances heart rate.

In addition, according to a report published by University Ball 2000, practicing yoga not only makes you breathe better, but also allows you to breathe more as it increases lung capacity, that is, we can exhale the maximum amount of air.

Immune system enhancement

It is proven that yoga helps reduce the level of cortisol, better known as the panic hormone because it is the one that causes us all problems with stress. But, in addition to producing anxiety or stress, high levels of cortisol cause bad mood, weight gain and a worse immune system. So by reducing your cortisol, you improve your immune system.

Flexibility, balance and resistance

Yoga is the perfect tool to develop or restore the body’s natural mobility and elasticity. In fact, our body is already ready to move, flexible and reluctant, but after spending half of its life sedentary, it loses all these qualities and we need activities that restore us. Yoga asanas like what we know as postures are called to healthfully stretch our body fat and muscles, which increases flexibility.

Many of these asanas, which are called balances, mainly work on the balance of the body, since they force us to hold on to our arms or legs, for example. For this, it is important not only to have a good physical night, but also to work on the mind-body connection to maintain balance, which increases this quality.

Stronger muscles and bones

Although it may not seem like it, Yoga is a calisthenics exercise, that is, it is designed to increase our strength by using the weight of our body. The cost of Asanas, and everything that makes us costs, makes us increase the strength and submissive muscles. This not only improves the appearance of our body, but also prevents injuries, diseases such as arthritis and protects bones.

Unlike the work that is done in gyms, yoga prevents lactic acid from accumulating in the body, so that there is no fatigue or soreness, and it does not reduce flexibility, which allows us to have stylish and more beautiful muscles. As if that weren’t enough, this training has also been proven to benefit the bones as it prevents bone density.

Weight loss

Like any other physical exercise, yoga promotes healthy weight maintenance. However, this training also, as confirmed by the journal Complementary and Alternative Medicine Evidence, also favors the loss of body weight which keeps the body in constant physical activity but does not cause pain. With this, the practice of the activity is more pleasant and the body asks to repeat.

In addition, yoga helps other healthy lifestyle habits, such as relaxation, increasing the hours of sleep or a good diet, which has the importance of losing weight and improving life.

more enjoyable sex

According to Harvard Medical School, yoga is not only good for mental and physical health, but also for sexual health. Through the study they confirmed that the arousal and libido increase in general towards the women who practice it. In addition, it is easier for these women to reach pleasure and achieve sexual satisfaction. Most importantly, it helps people become more familiar with their bodies, which increases confidence and comfort in sex.

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