Inspire 3, the activity bracelet that motivates you to take care of your health

Good resolutions proliferate on these dates, but they are not always easy to fulfill without help. To help comes the Fitbit Inspire 3, an activity bracelet designed to motivate people to take care of their health and physical condition.

This device is configured as an advanced activity and health bracelet. A device with numerous functionalities and at an affordable price. provides an It is an easy way to monitor key health metrics; for example, activity, heart rate, sleep, stress, etc. It features a slim, light design that includes a touch screen and a battery that lasts up to 10 days (depending on how you use it, of course).

Surveillance clever

Inspire 3 is ready. It is perfectly prepared to capture any activity of the day, automatically tracking Active Zone Minutes, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate and steps taken. It also provides friendly reminders to move, which will help keep you moving. to overall metabolism. When you’re doing some exercise, you can check your heart rate to see when you’re doing it. You will be in a fat burning, cardio or peak zone, which will allow you to improve your workouts. know how hard it is getting. working.

Helps to rest and relax

Living an active life is just one important part of being healthy; sleeping and taking care of the mental state also has a direct impact on general well-being. With the Inspire 3, it’s easy to keep track of your stats. The device allows you to visualize how activity levels and how you sleep affect stress levels, and vice versa. If you wear the bracelet to sleep, you will get a full sleep. Get insights into the quality of your night’s sleep thanks to features like Sleep Stages and Sleep Score. It will also be possible to You can experiment with features like setting a bedtime reminder, setting a smart alarm that wakes you in the perfect sleep phase to wake up energized, or performing a guided breathing session from your wrist to help you relax. improve the way you sleep over time.

To help you fall asleep, mindfulness exercises can be done in the Fitbit app before going to sleep, just choose one of the available meditation sessions. Another added benefit is to monitor your body for physical signs of stress by referring to the Stress Management Score, as well as your body. How to see how activity, sleep and stress affect the Health Metrics panel, where you can find data on respiratory rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, oxygen saturation Blood oxygen (SpO2) and heart rate at rest, all of which vary in situations such as alcohol consumption, altitude, caffeine or a cold, and all to take measures that make you feel better. feel your best.

Daily Challenges

Inspire 3 provides helpful fitness insights and guidance for reaching planned wellness goals, giving you personalized coaching and access to daily sessions and challenges in the Fitbit app. The application is useful to improve the evolution: it records blood glucose, hydration, menstrual cycle and eating habits in order to improve the results. have a complete vision.

It should be noted that when this product is purchased, the company gives a six-month subscription to the Fitbit Premium service, to access additional tools such as the Daily Recovery Level, which indicates if the body is healthy. recovered to return to exercise or if you need a break; breakdown of Sleep Score and Sleep Profile, to understand and optimize sleep quality; so as well as the Stress Management Score, with which to follow the physical signs of stress in the body. It also gives access to mindfulness and exercise sessions, and a complete wellness report.


The Inspire 3 fitness tracker is slim, waterproof to 50m, fits on the wrist and has a long-lasting battery. is It is available in colors and there are numerous accessories on the market, such as transparent or stainless steel mesh straps, as well It looks like a paperclip.

The color display allows you to clearly see your stats, change the clock face, and use the new always-on display feature that keeps the display on (for longer). 3 days with default settings).


Inspire 3 is now available. available at a suggested retail price of €99.95 and includes six months of Fitbit Premium subscription.

Feature Summary

Battery lasts up to 10 days and waterproof to 50m

< p>Compatible with devices from iOS 13 and Android 8.0

Continuous heart rate monitoring, Daily recovery level, Active Zone Minutes, Daily activity analysis, More ;s of 20+ exercise modes, Analysis of daily activity

Continuous analysis of well-being, Mindfulness sessions, Guided breathing sessions with the Relax app, SpO2, Health Period, Resting Heart Rate, and High or Low Heart Rate Alerts

With Personalized Sleep Profile, Sleep Stages and Sleep Score, Snore and Noise Detection, Smart alarm clock

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