Asthma is a disease related to the lungs that affects you for a long time. It affects the airways. The bronchi carry air in and out of the lungs. Asthma also causes inflammation of the inner walls of the airways.

Decreased air flow to the lung tissues. This makes breathing noisy. Cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath especially at night and early morning. Asthma is not completely cured. But people with asthma can control it.

Asthma does not develop in one way. Some may be severe. There won’t be many more. In severe asthma, the airways become blocked and the supply of oxygen to vital organs is cut off.

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This is a medical emergency where people can die from severe asthma. People with asthma should see a doctor regularly.

Certain substances in the atmosphere can trigger asthma symptoms and cause asthma. The most common are exercise, allergens and viral infections. Some people only get asthma when they exercise and have a viral fever.

-Dust particles (house dust) -Cigarette smoke -Air pollution -Frost or climate change. -Fragrant smell of paint or cooking -Scented things Asthma sufferers say that they cannot drink cold water, cannot stand in the rain, cannot walk in cold air. But doctors say that swimming can also control asthma.

Regular exercise of some kind can reduce the disease. While swimming, inflammations in the airways are significantly reduced. When the inflammation goes down, you can breathe properly and that reduces the stress you have to put on your lungs.

It also strengthens your muscles. Swimming helps build muscle strength and when your muscles are strong, you can perform your daily activities with ease.

It increases your endurance. When you practice swimming for long periods of time, your lungs get used to it and build up your tolerance for such exercises. As your endurance increases, it will help you perform your daily activities without any breathing problems.

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