In Hyderabad, an acute viral infection that has flu-like, adenovirus-like, and swine flu-like symptoms is affecting both children and adults with comorbid illnesses. Many people who are testing for Swine Flu, Covid-19, or Influenza are receiving negative results, and the virus has not yet been identified. The recovery rate of this mysterious ailment is 100%, according to experts, and patients are recovering within 5 days, which is a typical time frame for a viral infection. A runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, fever, body aches, and breathing difficulties are just a few of the symptoms.

“For the past 6 to 8 weeks, we have been treating individuals with an acute febrile viral disease, and we have seen coryzal signs in these patients. 6-7 out of 100 persons have been affected by this illness, and 50% of those affected are youngsters. This is due to the children’s immunizations being underdeveloped. Adults with comorbid lung disorders including COPD (commonly known as smoker’s asthma), post-TB, and Covid-destroyed lungs and asthma make up the remaining 50% of patients, according to Dr. Syed Abdul Aleem, Consultant – Pulmonology at CARE Hospitals in Musheerabad, Hyderabad.

A runny nose is the first sign of this unidentified virus, which is then followed by a sore throat, dry cough, fever with body aches, and breathing difficulties. Roughly 1% to 2% of these individuals suffer respiratory failure. “The symptoms affect the upper respiratory tract and gradually affect the lower respiratory tract as well. We have been running tests for influenza A and B, swine flu – H1N1, avian flu – H3N2, and dengue as well. We observed false positive results in 3-4% of these tests because the structural similarity of the mystery virus is very similar to these virus families,” says Dr Syed.

Treatment and Tablets
“Thankfully, we are finding this early, and we are treating them symptomatically, where they are doing well. Oseltamivir, an antiviral medication, is being used successfully to treat individuals with respiratory failure. We advise keeping water and seclusion in addition to therapy up until full recovery, advises the specialist.

The precautions for this mystery virus are covering the nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing or using an N95 mask, keeping distance from people, sanitizing regularly, vaccinating against influenza and immediate isolation and approaching a healthcare professional for treatment.

What could be this mystery virus?
“This mystery virus may belong to the Adeno, Corona, Influenza or MERS family. So, we are suggesting a multiplex PCR panel of tests including Influenza A&B, H1N1, H3N2, and Covid RT-PCR,” says Dr Syed.

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