The Winter season is wonderful in terms of food and drink, but the risk of some diseases caused by bacteria increases in this season.

Winter Health

The winter season has started. people like the winter season but from a health point of view this season brings with it many risks. health experts say that the risk of certain diseases increases during the winter season. In such a situation, people should be cautious about their health. Let us know which diseases increase the risk in the winter season and which people need to be especially cautious in this cold season.


winter season diseases

Many types of viruses and bacteria become active during the winter season. These bacteria enter the body through breathing and make the body sick. Due to this, respiratory infections spread very quickly and widely. In such a situation, the risk of lung infection along with cold increases. Apart from this, people who have weak immunity have an increased risk of getting pneumonia in this season. 

In the winter season, cold and dry air causes diseases like asthma and bronchitis. Migraine pain also triggers more rapidly during the winter season. people who already suffer from headaches or migraine are at risk of migraine attacks in this season. Apart from this, people who have blood pressure problems, their bp may increase more in this season. Due to low temperatures in the winter season, the blood vessels become temporarily thin, due to which the bp increases and there is difficulty in the proper flow of blood in the blood veins.

 Which people should take special care?

During the winter season, special care should be taken by those people whose immune system is weak. people who are suffering from high bp should also take special care at this time. Small children and infants get pneumonia easily in this season, hence special care should be taken of them. people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, or respiratory diseases should also be cautious about their health during this season.

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