Oxygen is a gas that is found in the air. This gas is important for many bodily functions. When you breathe in, oxygen enters the lungs and is exchanged for carbon dioxide (CO2) when you breathe out. The level of carbon dioxide in your body is what causes the breathing response. This is the reason why people with low levels of oxygen may or may not experience the same amount of shortness of breath.

When your body’s oxygen levels are low, your heart works harder. You may feel tired, short of breath, confused, or forgetful. Oxygen therapy helps people with low levels of oxygen in their blood.

Certain tests can help a doctor determine if extra oxygen is needed. If a doctor recommends oxygen therapy, a person will need to be seen regularly by the doctor for check-ups. For some people, oxygen therapy can be temporary. For others, it can be permanent. Other people may only need it when they exercise. It is important for you to use your oxygen according to your doctor’s recommendation.

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