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A DWTS champ has provided fans with a health update.

A “Dancing With the Stars” champion has been having a rough time when it comes to breathing and getting sufficient air into her lungs.

Just before Christmas, Hannah Brown revealed that she suffered an asthma attack while on a flight with her boyfriend, Adam Woolard. It was so bad that the reality television star was met at the gate by emergency personnel.

“Caused a scene,” she captioned a photo of herself sitting up in a stretcher as EMTs spoke with her. Several days later, she provided fans with a bit of an update.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brown Is Getting Treatment to Hopefully Stop Her Coughing

Brown said that she’s had asthma attacks in the past, but nothing in recent years that were as bad as the one she experienced on her flight. “It was pretty scary,” she said on her Instagram Stories.

“I’ve had a cough and been using my inhaler a good bit the past two weeks, but what whatever reason, something induced a full blown attack! I got some oxygen and was able to get some air and I’m all good now…but it was wild times,” she explained.

She has since had to visit with a doctor to try to get her asthma under control as she’s been coughing quite a bit and it has really been affecting her.

“Asthma is kicking my butt,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “I went to the doctor today and got some meds that will hopefully get me back breathing easy with no coughing again,” she added.

Asthma can be caused by a number of different factors, but is defined as “a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus,” according to the Mayo Clinic. There is no cure for asthma but it can be controlled with the use of various medications, including inhalers.

Brown didn’t share what might be the root cause of her asthma or what treatment her doctor decided would be best for her, but she did sound positive that things will get better with this new course of action.

Brown Has Been Dealing With Other Medical Issues in Recent Months

In November 2022, Brown shared that she’d been suffering from narcolepsy, which is something that she’s dealt with for years.

“The past few days, anxiety and narcolepsy (and horrible, haunting sleep paralysis) episodes have tried to win, but my boys have helped get me out and get me moving,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories at the time.

This wasn’t the first time that Brown had shared her diagnosis, either.

“Do any of you experience sleep paralysis, because I’ve already had an alternate morning in my sleep paralysis state. It’s the weirdest thing, I am like, ‘Hannah, open your eyes,’ in my head while I’m sleeping; like ‘move your body,’ and I can’t,” she said in January 2022, according to People magazine.

“And then it felt like I had woken up and done a whole morning but I couldn’t move. It’s the weirdest thing. So I’m still just recuperating from that,” she added.

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