Immune Biosolutions, a company located near Fleurimont Hospital, has completed the second phase of its inhalation therapy for COVID-19 using antibodies. This pioneering treatment directly targets the lungs and can be administered to patients already infected with the disease. Unlike vaccines that focus on prevention, this therapy utilizes laboratory-synthesized antibodies that are particularly potent.

The unique aspect of this treatment lies in its administration method. Patients can self-administer the therapy through inhalation. A device generates a mist that delivers the antibodies directly to the lungs, targeting the site where the virus is causing damage. This groundbreaking approach has not been achieved before.

Preliminary results from the clinical trial have shown a significant reduction in respiratory symptoms among patients in the treatment group compared to those in the placebo group. Patients receiving the therapy experienced less severe lung involvement, with none requiring hospitalization or additional oxygen. In contrast, some patients in the placebo group experienced worsening symptoms, hospitalization, and even death.

The promising results of this second phase have been published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Immune Biosolutions is now in discussions with Health Canada to seek authorization for the treatment’s market release2024.

– Inhalation therapy: A treatment method in which medication or therapeutic substances are administered through inhalation (breathing into the lungs).
– Antibodies: Proteins producedthe body’s immune system to defend against viruses and other foreign substances.
– The Lancet Infectious Diseases: A peer-reviewed medical journal that publishes research articles on infectious diseases.

– Immune Biosolutions (source article)

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