Does Hot Weather Increase Asthma Attacks?
Does Hot Weather Increase Asthma Attacks?

From Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, Department of Chest Diseases, Assoc. Dr. Pelin Aktaş Uysal gave information about asthma and treatment methods. Uysal said that asthma, which makes breathing difficult with the narrowing of the airways and persists throughout life in attacks, is among the most common, non-communicable chronic respiratory diseases worldwide.

“Asthma attacks can last all year in allergy sufferers”

Assoc. Dr. Aktaş Uysal stated that asthma is a respiratory disease that progresses with long-term chronic airway narrowing and progresses in attacks that increase in severity when faced with certain factors. can last throughout. The complaints of shortness of breath, cough or wheezing may suddenly appear severely during attacks. Complaints may increase especially at night.” said.

“High heat and humidity can trigger an asthma attack”

Stating that high temperature and humidity in summer can cause asthma attacks, Uysal said, “Not going outside in very hot and humid weather if possible, closing the windows and adjusting the humidity balance below 50 percent with the air conditioner, having rescue inhaler drugs near the patient if it is necessary to go out, and chest diseases when necessary. It is extremely important to go to the emergency room with your doctor. ” he said.

Proper use of inhalers is important.

Uysal stated that there may be both environmental and genetic risk factors that cause asthma attacks, and said:

“Factors such as a person's genetics, gender, and obesity are personal risk factors. In addition, environmental factors such as allergens, infections, smoking, air pollution, air temperature change, occupational risks can increase asthma attacks. It is recommended to identify and avoid risk factors that cause attacks. It is extremely important to use inhaler drugs in emergency situations, to apply to the relevant chest diseases physicians and the emergency service and to perform the necessary examination and treatment. It is determined by specialists with clinical condition, physical examination and related tests. In terms of diagnosis, the most important test is usually the pulmonary function test. In the examination, wheezing, called rhonchus, is listened to with a stethoscope in lung sounds. It is recommended that patients use the inhaler device training and adaptation regularly and with the right technique, and a healthy life such as general nutrition, sleep pattern or sports.”

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